Part V Presenting Data to the World. 21 Binding Data with . to its coverage of core library features, the book discusses the Entity. What Is 1. What Does This Book Cover? 1. Who Is This Book For? 3. What You Need To Use This Book. 3. Conventions. 3. Customer Support. 4. NET. Introduction. Connection-oriented Access. Connectionless Access. Database Access with DataAdapter. Integration with XML. Preview of Book Pdf

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Uploaded by: YOKO Architecture. Data processing has traditionally relied primarily on a is a set of classes that comes with the framework to. Research (PDF Available) · October with Reads What is The data access classes for framework .. Up to this point this book has been about COM-based ADO; from this. Fundamentals of. By: Paul D. Sheriff. With examples in C# and VB. NET. 4th Edition – December Published Benefits of Reading this Book.

The command class has a ParameterCollection object containing Parameter objects that allow parameterized SQL statements and stored procedures to be used against the data source.

DataReader Provides connected forward-only, read-only access to the data source. It is optimized for speed.

The DataReader is instantiated through a Command object. Parameter Allows parameters for both parameterized queries and stored procedures to be defined and set to appropriate values. The Parameter class is accessed through the ParametersCollection object within a Command object.

It supports input and output parameters as well as return values from stored procedures. Transaction Allows transactions to be created on a connection so that multiple changes to data in a data source are treated as a single unit of work and either all committed or cancelled.

The DataAdapter wraps the connected classes to provide this functionality.

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It provides a method to retrieve data into a disconnected object and a method to reconcile modified data in the disconnected object with the data source. The CommandBuilder class can generate the logic to reconcile changes in simple situations; custom logic can be supplied to deal with complex situations and optimize performance.

NET classes allow data to be retrieved from the data set, examined and modified offline, and reconciled with the data source through the DataAdapter: DataSet Provides a consistent way to deal with disconnected data completely independently of the data source. DataTable Allows disconnected data to be examined and modified through a collection of DataColumn and DataRow classes.

The DataTable allows constraints such as foreign keys and unique constraints to be defined using the Constraint class. DataColumn Corresponds to a column in a table. The DataColumn class stores metadata about the structure of the column that, together with constraints, defines the schema of the table.

Pro ADO.NET 2.0

The DataColumn can also create expression columns based on other columns in the table. DataRow Corresponds to a row in a table and can examine and update data in the DataTable.

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The DataRow caches changes made to data contained in its columns, storing both original and current values. This allows changes to be cancelled or to be later reconciled with the data source.

A Programmer’s Guide to ADO.NET in C#

Constraint Allows constraints to be placed on data stored within a DataTable. NET information available. NET is the suite of data access technologies in the.

But ADO. NET is substantially different from Microsoft's previous data access technologies--including the previous version of ADO--so even experienced developers need to understand the basics of the new disconnected model before they start programming with it. Current with the.

NET Framework 1.

NET in a Nutshell offers one place to look when you need help with anything related to this essential technology, including a reference to the ADO. NET namespaces and object model.

In addition to being a valuable reference, this book provides a concise foundation for programming with ADO. NET and covers a variety of issues that programmers face when developing web applications or Web Services that rely on database access.

Using C , this book presents real world, practical examples that will help you put ADO. NET to work immediately. Topics covered in the book include:.

NET in a Nutshell pdf.NET components the DataSet. This book includes code snippets and listings in either Visual Basic.

Beyond that, this book shows you how to design and implement databases and how to use advanced features like stored procedures, triggers, and functions. The week will end with a discussion of performance and a look at the future.

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Only Entity Framework provides support for. It makes it easier to manage code, test the app, and deal with errors.

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