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Download & Read Online with Best Experience | File Name: Highlander Most Wanted The Montgomerys And Armstrongs 2 Maya Banks. PDF. HIGHLANDER. Read Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #2) online free from your Highlander Most Wanted is a Romance novel by Maya Banks. armstrongs 2 maya riapeocaconcou.ml maya banks - wikipedia sat, 23 feb online here in pdf or epub highlander most wanted maya banks.

He turned away muttering what she was sure were more blasphemies about annoying females. He raised one eyebrow. They topped the hill and looked down at the stone keep nestled into the side of the next hill. The skirt was crumbled in several places, and there was a detail of men working steadily, replacing the stones at the wall. What she could see of the keep above the outer walls looked blackened by an old fire. The loch spread out to the right of the keep, the water glistening in the sunlight.

One of the fingers meandered around the front of the keep, providing a natural barrier to the front gate. The bridge across it, however, sagged precariously in the middle. A temporary, narrow path over the water had been fashioned to the side, and it would only allow one horse at a time into the keep. Despite the obvious state of disrepair to the keep, the land was beautiful. Scattered across the valley to the left of the keep, sheep grazed, herded by an older man flanked by two dogs.

A deep scowl creased his face, and his eyes went nearly black. She gripped the reins a little tighter and shivered under the intensity of his hatred.

Aye, hatred. There could be no other term for what she saw in his eyes. Alaric spurred his horse, and hers followed automatically, leaving her to grab onto Crispen to make sure neither of them fell. When they reached the temporary crossing, Alaric halted to wait on her. You follow directly behind me. She certainly knew what Cameron had in mind for her. They rode over the bridge and through the wide, arched entryway into the courtyard.


She looked over to see him still astride his horse, his fist held high in the air. All around her, soldiers—and there were hundreds—thrust their swords skyward and took up the cry, raising and lowering their blades in celebration.

A man entered the courtyard at a dead run, his hair flying behind him as his stride ate up the ground below him. Look, it was a fine listen. It just got boring. I've had better. That's all. Oct 30, Sandra rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Muscular like a rock, brown, long hair, lips you can not resist. All those things add up to Bowen Montogomery! Meet his perfect match, dear ladies. And don't cry for long because he's taken. I know, it pains a great deal. I have read some of her other genre too, and i really enjoyed t 4.

I have read some of her other genre too, and i really enjoyed them. She is such an amazing author! He captured her chin and forced her look at him. His eyes were angry, and his lips were drawn into a tight line. But this time the story follows Genevieve, who has been imprisoned by Ian in the McGugh Keep as well, long before Eveline.

When Bowen storms the gates on a mission of clan warfare, Genevieve finally finds a spark of hope for freedom. But even then, her path is uncertain. However, she can't stand being a prisoner any longer and decides to take off. That is until Bowen stirs something inside her that longs to be awaken. He touches a part of her that she long thought was lost.

Bowen is captivated by her beauty and strength, her determination, and soon finds himself in love with her. But what will happen when Genevieve tells him a secret that might turn the whole Montgomery's clan against her? Will he stand beside her, or will he turn his back on her, like everyone else?

Will he give back her freedom, even if it means loosing her forever? He would show her this night how it could be with a man who loved her This was me, every time i got to a new chapter, and especially when i got the book in my mail. Have you read this book yet? Who was your favorite character? Did you like the previous one better?

Let me know down below! What i thought of Genevieve?: I found Genevieve a very likable character, and i was connected to her from page one. Even after all she has been through her spirit is not broken, and she doesn't just give up, she fights. Every time i read about what has happened to her, and about her feelings, i go through what she is going through. It's just so sad, i had tears in my eyes practically the entire time i was reading.

What i thought of Bowen?: Bowen was a very caring and loving character. The whole time i was preying for someone to defend and stand up for Genevieve, and there he goes, all knight in armor trying to rescue the princess. It was hard not to fall in love with him. And even though i did, i still loved Genevieve more.

For me, she outshines Bowen, just a little. If you have not read book one yet Never Seduce a Scot , then i highly advance you to do so before reading this one. And no, you do not have to, but it's so worth it, because they are both amazing! I just wanted to get inside the book, and hug Genevieve so tight she wouldn't be able to breathe.

The love scenes were gentle and caring. Not hard, but soft and slow. Bowen was taking such a great care with Genevieve it was heart warming. And then the next day he would caress her back or hair. He is so damn sweet. Every once in a while, he pressed a kiss to her brow, because he was unable to keep from touching her and kissing her in even the smallest of ways.

The ending was so cute and beautiful! And can we just pause here and look at the gorgeous cover? All the covers in this trilogy are just so stunning. Yep, go ahead and faint. I was sure as heck close when i saw this. Overall, Highlander Most wanted was a very well written and emotional book. It had a great heroine and it was a very good read, very romantic with the abused but strong heroine finding her one man. I definitely recommend this to readers who love HR and also to romance lovers in general.

Ian was obsessed with her and wanted her for himself but she had always turned him down. So, he took her and scarred her face in hopes that no man would ever desire her. Soon, she starts to fall for him for is gentleness and kindness, something she hasn't had in a long time. When he meets Genevieve, he is upset for all she had endured but admires her for surviving.

He becomes attracted to her because of her strength and beauty that goes deeper than her appearance. He wants nothing more than for her to be happy and be free again. But it seems that they may not be able to be together. Genevieve was one bad ass chick. I loved her! She was so courageous , strong , damaged and fragile all at once. She was abused by Ian throughout the entire year she spent with him as well as by those he let abuse her. She has one side of her face scarred by a knife , it was Ian's way of branding her as his.

What I love about her is that she didn't let Ian break her. She didn't let the clans people to tear down her spirit completely with their words. She managed to keep herself together after all that torment and still have a heart and care. Plus, she's just freaking awesome with a bow and arrow!! I did feel my heart break for all that she had to go through. I couldn't believe she survived it all without going crazy. I don't think I could have lasted as long as she did. I hated how terrible the women were towards her.

How could they mistreat her when they knew about her situation , it's not like she asked to be there. Genevieve was an amazing woman for still being able to have her dignity.

I thought he had forgotten me, surely. Would that I had known of your plight earlier. I would have saved you. He was the only one that was her champion. The only one who was interested enough in actually getting to know her and not believing in the rumours of her being just a whore.

I loved how kind, tender and protective he was with her. He was able to see her for who she was behind that scar on her face , but was also able to see the beauty in her scar. It was a symbol of her resilience and how she was able to make it. I loved how he fell for her first and how he wooed her.

He didn't push her into anything but took his time to show her how it feels like to be loved. He was so wonderful and selfless. I loved him and I thought together they were perfect. Highlander Most Wanted was a very sweet and emotional story. I never wanted it to end. I seriously cannot get enough of Maya Bank's highlanders.

I loved all the characters. Well except the evil ones, of course. There were some sad moments that made me tear up, but also moments where I couldn't hold back my smile. The ending was beautiful , really enjoyed it.

I definitely recommend you give this book a read. I can't wait to read the next book with Brodie and Taliesan , I freaking loved them in this book! Although, it looks like it will have to be a long wait. But I'm still going to wait for it! View all 34 comments. Sep 30, Mary - Buried Under Romance rated it it was amazing. This was an absolute delight to read. Immensely touching, the scarred heroine trope has been rejuvenated under Maya Bank's touch, as she has again given our scarred heroine a happily-ever-after with her own sweet, kind, and gentle hero.

Taking off after the events in the first book, Never Seduce A Scot, Bowen Montgomery has been sent to claim the McHugh keep and avenge the wrongs done to his new sister-in-law. There, he encounters the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, before he sees that half This was an absolute delight to read. There, he encounters the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, before he sees that half of her face has been marred by knife strokes.

Facing a new lord, Genevieve is just one step away from surrendering herself, in mind and body, to whoever will give her freedom. Genevieve is an incredibly strong woman. She has suffered so much in both body and spirit, yet she emerges from her horrors with a true dignity and a truer strength anyone would admire.

Despite her spirit, however, she is undoubtedly human and at the verge of giving up, trying to enclose herself in a protective shell that would block all future pain. It takes an amazing person to defend those who had ostracized her and insulted her at every turn, and even more amazing that she would stand up to unknown adversities when Bowen storms the McHugh clan.

I also like that she is very real for someone in her position, willing to sacrifice what's left of her morals to save her life, that desperateness revealing the depth of her emotional scars.

For all that Genevieve needs, Bowen is the most fitting of them all. He is just the kind of strong and protective hero to clean away all of Genevieve's scars and show her the beauty of life that was stripped away from her. Bowen's loyalty to his laird comes into conflict with his initial perception of Genevieve, but his understanding character makes him see the true Genevieve and comes to love her. For him, this novel was a test of character and leadership, and ultimately, finding the missing piece to the puzzle of his heart, in Genevieve.

The characters are wonderful, and I greatly emphasized with both Genevieve and Bowen as they navigated their lives and through each other. The plot is engaging and fast-paced, adding just enough excitement among pensive sequences to display the external and internal facets of the characters. The teaser of Genevieve's friend Taliesan, and Brodie Armstrong, is sure to become another wonderfully crafted healing romance.

I find myself in awe of Mrs. Banks's writing once again, as the words dance off the page to create a blazing chemistry between Genevieve and Bowen, their love so tender and strong that I shed tears for their final happiness. Once again,this is a stunning novel by Maya Banks, sure to lure in every romance lover and make for hours of uninterrupted reading. I highly recommend this book to any romance reader, as they will be sure to fall in love with Genevieve and Bowen.

I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley View all 7 comments. Jan 19, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing Shelves: After Ian is killed, Genevieve wonders what her fate will be, stuck behind the keeps door, with no place to go. Then Bowen Montgomery comes with a army, and storms the gates, and seeing only a few men, and women and children, he knows he has a big task ahead of him.

When he meets Genevieve, he is stunned with a woman that even though rumored to have slept around some, there is a innocence he senses about her, and he knows that there is alot more to her than meets the eye. As he and his men try t After Ian is killed, Genevieve wonders what her fate will be, stuck behind the keeps door, with no place to go.

As he and his men try to solve the problems within the McHugh clan, a desire sparks between Bowen and Genevieve, and he finds himself falling in love with this beauty who takes his breath away with her kiss.

However when he uncovers some hidden truths he knows he has some decisions to make that could make him lose her forever Highlander Most Wanted is the second in this most incredible series by Maya Banks. Now I just love Banks Historical's, they are amazingly written stories that take you back through time, so vividly portrayed, it makes you just want to go through a time portal yourself. After reading the first in the series, I just fell in love again with her second Historical series.

Now I think I almost loved this one more than the first, there were so many aspects of the story that I enjoyed. It was definitely a page turner that will knock your socks off and make you want to fly. I felt like from beginning to end, like it was one of those romances that you just download and re read forever.

One of those unforgettable romances, that is written in such a way that it enthralls the reader and by the time its finished you just don't want it to ever end. I really loved the way the author wove this story together so beautifully, and dealt with difficult issues and just fit it in together amazingly well.

It was very emotionally heart wrenching, and I really enjoyed how the characters fit so well for the plot that was portrayed. I felt like everything fit perfectly and the flow of the story was as smooth as warm honey. If anyone can make you fall in love with the Scottish Highlands, its Maya Banks. A Romance that will enchant you, a story filled with a tender romance, an intriguing plot and charming characters, that will keep a reader thirsting for more.

You can't go wrong with this series Jul 28, MelissaB rated it really liked it Shelves: A weak four stars for this one and that was only rounded up from 3. The heroine went through some really bad stuff before the books starts and continues to be harassed and attacked in the story, it was all too much sometimes.

Bowen was a sweet hero but I wish he could have kept the MacHugh's from causing Genevieve even more pain, though he did do a lot to help her. The seriousness of Genevieve's trauma kept a depressing feel to the story for most A weak four stars for this one and that was only rounded up from 3. Overall, I was hoping for a little more to the story but it was still a decent read. So far I like the first Scottish trilogy by Banks better than this one.

Feb 23, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: The blurb of this book did not do it justice. Highlander Most Wanted was a totally absorbing read. I finished it one sitting, I just did not want to put it down.

We start this book sort of in the middle. Genevieve, our heroine, has already endured the most horrid of torments. Her captor is dead, but she is not yet free, trapped by her "fallen" reputation, although not of her own making, she is shamed, she hates what she has become and all that she has had to endure to survive.

She has literally b The blurb of this book did not do it justice.


She has literally been stripped of all dignity and to top it all off she is hated by the clan who kept her captive. This part I found incredibly hard to take, I was angry for her. I was honestly emotionally shredded by her circumstances. If anyone is in need of a knight in shining armour, it is Genevieve.

Enter Bowen Montgomery a man set on revenge for a wrong done to his sister in law. He is honour, dignity and goodness incarnate. He quickly sees to the truth of things and sets about righting the incredible wrongs done to Genevieve. This was my favourite sort of romance. It wasn't fast and rushed, there were many trials and tribulations that they had to go through before they could even get to the bottom of their feelings for each other. So much suffering as well takes it's toll, so learning to trust, regaining hope, learning to live again all took a front seat to passion between these two.

I loved all things about this book. Everything was so well done, the back story horrifying, but not over the top. These things were also not gone into in detail but they were described in a way that left no doubt to the very real chilling situation our heroine found herself in.

The characters form the villain , hero, heroine and all the secondary characters were all interesting and very well fleshed out. Nobody felt hollow.

The pacing was perfect, I was riveted the whole way through and as I said before I never put the book down. The passion and love I felt between the couple felt real and I will admit to shedding a tear or two towards the end.

This is a very high quality romance book, by a very high quality author.

I have read other books of Maya Banks in her Mcabe Trilogy and these are of the same quality. Just simply how romance books should be. I will definitely be reading more books in this series. Thank you Edelweiss for giving me the privilege to read this arc copy of Highlander Most Wanted.

It was a pleasure. View all 15 comments. Dec 02, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story the Heroine takes center stage, and I loved it! Genevieve has been held prisoner by Ian McHugh for a year and has been repeatedly raped by Ian and some of the men in his clan. Ian and his men have also scarred her face so no other man would want her.

Labeled a whore by the other members of the McHugh clan she is ostracized and treated less then human. Ian McHugh having been killed in book 1 of this series, the opening of this book is Genevieve and the rest of the Mc 5 Romantic Stars!!!

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Ian McHugh having been killed in book 1 of this series, the opening of this book is Genevieve and the rest of the McHugh clan waiting for the Montgomery and Armstrong warriors to descend and decide their fate.

Will this mean freedom for Genevieve or more of the same treatment? In walks the Montgomery and Armstrong men and Bowen immediatley see Genevieve and gets to know her. Despite what she has been through and her defiant attitude he is captivated by her. Bowen sees her strength, her beauty and very quickly is drawn to her.

Bowen sets out to be her champion and her defender. I loved Bowen! He is a man who is increditably handsome and has jumped from woman to woman, but he sees Genevieve and he is captured by her spirit and sees her beauty not her scar. And I also loved that towards the end of the book Bowen realizes what is best for Genevieve and makes sure it happens, despite the fact it will be man he doesn't see her again. Now there was not a lot of sex in this book, but honestly it made sense for the story, and I really didn't miss it.

This was romance and I so so loved it! A wonderful roller coaster ride from start to finish.

Highlander Most Wanted PDF Details

This is a nice mix of romance, action and drama set in the lush highland setting. I enjoyed seeing the trial, triumphs, strengths and weaknesses of these two main characters and how love can overcome the odds. The secondary characters are also fabulous in this and can't wait to see more of them in the upcoming books. View all 11 comments. Where is my 3rd book, Maya Banks?!?!?!?

View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book I liked book 1 quite a bit more than this.

I think MB needs to refresh her writ My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book I think MB needs to refresh her writing style, which was terribly repetitive and predictable.

Her storyline bordered on The ARC had quite a few glaring mistakes, making Bowen as Brodie or Brodie as Bowen more than once, and I had to re-read to understand who is actually being mentioned in that particular scene. Too bad, the cover is so very gorgeous! Both are enemies since None of the clans can stand the sight of each-other. So King Alexander II planned something for them to stop this more than a little unnecessary bloodshed; he plans for a marriage between Laird of the Montgomerys, Graeme with the daughter of Laird of the Armstrongs, Eveline.

Now Eveline was said to be deaf-mute, which is why I was so interested to read it.

MB disappointed me by giving back her voice by the half of the book and making her chatter away like she was never even harmed in any way! It was plain odd. But the story was sweet and warm so I overlooked those things. I really liked Graeme and his gruff, cuddly bear-like persona, that scar on his face and his instant bonding with Eveline even after all the enmity.

Same thing was taking place in Armstrong clan when the marriage announcement reached them. Now, Eveline had a suitor before she was injured and lost her hearing; the McHugh heir Ian. Ian is cruel, with a volatile temperament and he gets whatever he wants. It was said over and over again that Ian whispered dirty stuffs to Eveline, as in, things he means to do to her which scared her off… so much so that she ran and got herself injured.

In the course of the story, Ian is back with his wuss of a father, Patrick. He kidnaps Eveline…. Graeme kills Ian, Patrick flees. Overall, this was a good book and I was looking forward to the next. This story resumes immediately after book 1. Both clans unite for this purpose, a thing no one has ever witnessed in their history of blood and gore. A boy is sent down from the keep with a piece of white cloth, and Bowen is disgusted to see that no able bodied man is here to carry it.

Then, a hooded woman comes out of the keep, and hides the boy under her cloak. Bowen and the rest is disgusted even more that a mere woman is here to greet them now, and yet all are intrigued. Bowen asks her to remove her hood so that she can be seen. Once, for her beauty… and the next, for the way one side of her cheek is marked with a badly healed scar that was clearly done to mar her beauty. All the men are horrified and the woman in question stiffens by this reaction.

Her face turns white. Bowen suddenly feels ashamed by their reaction. He rather starts asking her things concerning the matter at hand. The woman acts stiff, and replies vaguely, but asks them to follow her inside.

The entry was easy, but Bowen was suspicious too. Genevieve is the only daughter of the McInnes laird and had the bad luck to be noticed by Ian at the court. When his attentions were spurned, he abducted her and killed the people who were accompanying her in that fateful journey. It was known that Genevieve has also died, even though her body was never recovered. At first, Ian disfigured her so no one would ever want her. They are always throwing jibes and dirty words at her. The gasps of horror when someone sees her ruined face for the first time still makes her nauseous.

Genevieve knows she has no future to look forward to and no clan to turn to except for this one, hate her as they do and as happy they would be to be rid of her. The only friend she has here is a lame young girl called Taliesan.

She wants to make peace But easier said than done. He had no tact with words.

[PDF]Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs) Book Free Download (352 pages)

Of course, Bowen reaped the reward whenever he felt like it. The people are hostile, the food is disgusting, the living condition awful. It seems that the whole clan needs thorough cleaning. Bowen appoints himself as the temporary laird and bids the MacHugs to listen to his orders.

One way or the other, Bowen is intrigued to know more about this woman and what she is up to. He chooses to stay behind as well, and help Bowen out, while Aidan rides to the Armstrong clan for better food and Teague leaves to report to Graeme.

Then comes the attack from Patrick McHugh to take back what used to be his. Genevieve is determined to take revenge… and she brings out her bows and arrows to be done with Patrick, who helped his son to defile her over and over again, never raising his voice and yet, taunting her whenever he felt like it.

Genevieve is very good with arrows. It was SO unbelievable after reading how cruel and mean Ian was, that I could only shake my head. That Genevieve never even tried using those arrows on him was amazingly dumb. Anyway, she takes the arrows, uses them after one long year and kills Patrick, aiming from a faraway tower. It was that easy-peasy for her!

Then she finds that Bowen is also in danger, goes down and saves him too. It would likely never happen again. Sure enough, another linen was unfurled, catching the breeze and fluttering wildly from the wide window cut into the stone tower.

Bowen frowned. Even if they are able to take a few of us by surprise, they would be quickly annihilated. He drew his sword and urged his horse forward. Behind him, Brodie and Aiden let out a shout that was caught and echoed through the ranks of their men until the entire hillside roared with their battle cry.

When they were a short distance from the wide open gate to the courtyard, a young lad stumbled outside the walls clutching a sword that was much too big for his small frame, and attached to the end was a crudely made white flag. There was no need for him to wave it because his hands shook so badly that the swatch of material flapped madly in the wind.

Teague was without words as he stared dumfounded at the sight before him.

Highlander Most Wanted

Aiden and Brodie looked to Bowen, shaking their heads the entire time. We bear no arms against you. The lad nodded vigorously. My mum says he fled because he knew he was going to die for his sins. It resonated with anger—and fear. And then a slight figure adorned in a cape that completely obscured her features from sight appeared through the gates. She ran to the child and grasped his arm, quickly pulling him into the folds of her cape until he was hidden from view.

Only his feet stuck out. It was a question Bowen would very much like to know the answer to as well.


The only thing visible on the lass were her hands peeking from the long sleeves of the cape. Bowen studied them with interest as they gripped the child so tightly that they went white at the tips. Young hands.I lust for her.

Teague was without words as he stared dumfounded at the sight before him. Oh, and did I mention he took a knife and fucked up one side of her face? They were mad at her because a few of their husbands were executed due to their betrayal of Bowen, by helping Patrick.

After one year of repeated rape and torture by multiple men???????????????? I felt like from beginning to end, like it was one of those romances that you just download and re read forever. You will always hold a place in my heart and I'll think of you often, in my dreams and in the waking.

Bowen also wants her, but he thinks she should go and live with her family.

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