James Patterson is one of the most popular writers of all time, with more than three hundred million James Patterson Author Michael Bennett Novels ( Series). James B. Patterson (born March 22, ) is an American author. He is largely known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross, the. A complete list of books by James Patterson is on James Patterson and more information about the author, Cross fire / James Patterson.

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James Patterson Book List. Alex Cross. _ Along Came A Spider. _ Kiss The Girls. _ Jack And Jill. _ Cat And Mouse. _ Pop Goes The Weasel. _ Roses Are Red. Read {PDF Epub} Download James Patterson Books in Order: Ale by Book List Red, Bookshots, novels and nonfiction, plus a James Patterson biography. Download Cross Justice (Alex Cross) by James Patterson PDF, ePub, Mobi,. Visit .. Double Cross (Alex Cross Novels) I Love Books, Great Books, Books To.

Big-box stores like Costco accelerated the trend by stocking large quantities of books by a small group of authors and offering steep discounts on them. Under pressure from both their parent companies and booksellers, publishers became less and less willing to gamble on undiscovered talent and more inclined to hoard their resources for their most bankable authors.

Favorite James Patterson Novels

The effect was self-fulfilling. And the blockbuster became even bigger. But more than that, Patterson almost single-handedly created a template for the modern blockbuster author. But never had authors been marketed essentially as consumer goods, paving the way for a small group of writers, from Charlaine Harris to Malcolm Gladwell, to dominate best-seller lists — often with several titles at a time — in the same way that brands like Skippy and Grey Poupon dominate supermarket shelves.

Publishing is an inherently conservative business.

For the biggest James Patterson fan…

Patterson repeatedly challenged industry convention, sometimes over the objections of his own publisher. Little, Brown initially balked. This was going to be the first of several novels about an African-American homicide detective in Washington, D.

The thinking was that selling a book as if it were a lawn-care product could very well backfire by turning off potential readers. Patterson wrote, produced and paid for a commercial himself. It rose to No. He has a Ph. Still, hundreds of suspenseful, fast-paced novels are published each year; few become successful, let alone blockbusters.

Instead of simply going to the biggest book-downloading markets, he focused his early tours and advertising efforts on cities where his books were selling best: like a politician aspiring to higher office, he was shoring up his base.

From there, he began reaching out to a wider audience, often through unconventional means. No sooner had Patterson established himself in the thriller market than he started moving into new genres.


From there, Patterson gradually added more titles each year. Patterson encountered similar resistance when he introduced the idea of using co-authors, which Little, Brown warned would dilute his brand.

Once again, the books were best sellers. Publishers have finite resources, and the demands of publishing Patterson were extraordinary even for a blockbuster author. Some Little, Brown editors worried that other books were suffering as a result. When Jim felt that resentment, he roared back.

And he was too powerful to ignore.

To her, they lacked the nuance and originality of other blockbuster genre writers like Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

You let that sick fuck into Alis school. You let him near all those children! Whats he done? He kidnapped my family, I said.

He may have killed my wife. He may be getting ready to kill Ali. The principal was horrified.

My God, no! I saw how strongly she reacted, and it shook me out of the fugue state where Id been wandering.

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We left messages for you all week here at the school, I said. The FBI.

The police. Im so sorry, Dawson said, her voice quivering. I was in Jamaica, visiting my cousins, and I only just got back. I was going to my office to get ready for next week when I saw you standing here. How can I help?

Tell me about Thierry Mulch. Everything you know. Dawson said that Mulch had contacted her out of the blue, first by e-mail, and then by phone. His idea was to create a social-media platform for the six- to twelveyear-old crowd that could be accessed only by verified members of that crowd.

To keep out the perverts? Thats right. Not a bad business concept.

James Patterson

Thats what I thought. So when he asked to come speak to the kids, I saw it as an opportunity. And he checked out completely. I mean, his company has a legitimate website.

Here, come into my office, Ill show you. We went to the front doors of the school. She opened them and we went inside, turning on lights. The odors in the hallway were so familiar and so intertwined with memories of my children that I stopped breathing through my nose. In her office, Dawson got on her desktop computer, typed, and then frowned before typing again.

The principal started rummaging in her desk, said, But Ive got his business card here somehere it is! Dont touch it! I yelled, coming around the desk quickly as she shrank back. Its just that well want to fingerprint it. In a thin voice, she said, He wore thin white gloves. Of course he did, I said, wanting to punch a wall.

But just the same. Do you have a plastic sandwich bag? Will an envelope do? She got me an envelope and I used a pair of tweezers to pluck the business card from the drawer and place it on her desk. Ive got a photocopy of his drivers license too, she said. Weve already got one of those, but thanks, I replied, studying the card and then taking a picture of it with my smartphone.

It gave a phone number in the area code and an address on Wilshire Boulevard. It also had a web addresswww. I was about to drop the card into the envelope and take it with me downtown for processing when something about the URL and the e-mail pinged deep in my recent memory. It was the Tuesday after Easter, lots of people were still away on vacation, and it was raining. But Sunday and the manager were pleasantly surprised when twenty-five people showed up to hear him read and discuss his controversial true-crime book The Perfect Criminal.

The crowd clapped, and Sunday, a tall, sturdy man who looked to be in his late thirties, stepped to the lectern wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, and a crisp white shirt.

Seven years earlier, two nights before Christmas, the five members of the Daley family of suburban Omaha had been slain in their home. Except for the wife, they were all found in their beds. Their throats had been cut with a scalpel or razor.

The wife had died similarly, but in the bathroom, and naked. Either the doors had been unlocked, or the killer had had a key. There had been a snowstorm during the night, and any tracks were buried. Fourteen months later, in the aftermath of a violent thunderstorm, the Monahan family of suburban Fort Worth was discovered in a similar state: A father and four children under the age of thirteen were found in their beds with their throats slit; the wife, also with her throat slit, was found naked on the bathroom floor.

Once more, either the doors had been unlocked or the killer had had a key. Late thirties, and dressed in dark clothes, Schneider drew out a. In the past decade, Schneider had come to believe it might never happen, that his past had not only disappeared, it had died, and with it the chance to exact true payback for himself and the others.

Schneider heard voices in his mind, all shrieking at him to go forward and put a just ending to their story. At their calling, Schneider felt himself harden inside. They deserved a just ending. He intended to give it to them. The chain hung from the barn doors, which stood ajar. He stared at the darkness, feeling his gut hollow and his knees weaken. Finish it.Early life[ edit ] Patterson was born on March 22, , in Newburgh, New York , the son of Isabelle Morris , a homemaker and teacher, and Charles Patterson, an insurance broker.

In addition, he does frequent thriller one-offs, including an annual summer beach read, usually set at or near a resort. Thats right. When Jim felt that resentment, he roared back. The police is not going anywhere to look out the suspects instead of investigating them.

When Mulch spoke at Alis school, he said that hed grown up on a pig farm. Everything was the same except the picture of Mulch. From there, he began reaching out to a wider audience, often through unconventional means.

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