A list of all time best kannada novels to read PDF ಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳನ್ನು ಇಳಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲು ಕೆಳಗಿನ ವಿಳಾಸಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ. FREE KANNADA NOVEL PDF| KANNADA NOVEL PDF| KANNADA NOVEL FREE . Young Adult horror books in which the protagonists are often teens. However, you can read as pdf. ಕನ್ನಡ ಕಾದಂಬರಿ ಮತ್ತು ಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳು - KANNADA NOVELS AND BOOKS FREE DOWNLOAD Kannada Ebooks - ಕನ್ನ .

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Kannada nigudha rahasya mattu saspens Ebooks - Read Kannada Nigudha Rahasya Mattu Suspense Books exclusively on Dailyhunt. Kannada Horror Novels Pdf also relates to: riapeocaconcou.ml Famous Urdu Novels PDF -The Books 4 Free; riapeocaconcou.ml Kannada News. Suspense, Mystery, Horror and Thriller Fiction. SEPTEMbER Meet Debut Author. Joy Castro. Meet Debut Author. Joy Castro.

Kannada Nigudha Rahasya Mattu Suspense (nigudha rahasya mattu saspens) Ebooks

Bleak House by Charles Dickens This is a legal drama, believe it or not, that basically exposes how painfully the wheels of justice can turn and how some court cases can drastically affect the lives of many. It does delve a bit into specifics of how the law worked at the time in England, but get past that and you have an interesting novel with a lot of subplots that are all tied together by a painful and dramatic trial.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau Thoreau spent two years living in a self-made cabin on Walden Pond and during that time, he took down his thoughts on the value of solitude and self-reliance.

This is a wonderfully thought-provoking book on what it means to be an independent and self-reliant person, mixed in with some great tales of independence and nature. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas This is just a really wonderful action story, with double crosses, fights, romance, and humor. The slow change in Jean Valjean from the beginning to the end of this book, along with his interactions of people of various moralities, is simply wonderful to read.

There are about a dozen deeply memorable characters in this novel who will stick with you for a long time. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde This is a horror story, but also a very timely commentary on the public face that people put out there while they sometimes hide darker things.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse This tells the tale of Siddhartha, a man who simply wants to understand how life works. He starts off being an ascetic in that he gives up worldly possessions, but eventually he moves on from there through various stages and eventually reaches some powerful conclusions about life.

Oprah picked it for her book club. Read it. You will be glad that you did. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman This is, hands down, my favorite collection of poetry. It includes my single favorite poem and countless other great poems, including the amazing I Sing the Body Electric.

If you read a book of poetry in your life, make it this one. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad This is an amazing story about an individual driven to madness by the darkness of the Congo wilderness and the darkness of the reality of European colonialism of Africa.

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I am from a small family with husband and son. My husband loves me a lot and my son too. Here is my story which I felt really scared.

One day, I was making d My mother was and still is suffering from rheumatic arthritis but at that time was severe. We had to admit her in this private hospital for some serious treatment and diagnosis. She made some friends in the same room she stayed and Haunting Of Lakeside by piyuprmr This is my first probably last story on this site as event like this do not occur to people time and again.

You Can Win(Kannada)

Little bit of background on me I am 22 year old and I am from India and I go to my native place every vacation. This place has a lake near it which is quite away from my home we genera My aunt's house is built on their farmland where they own a cotton mill.

The farm is outside the village and in a deserted place surrounded by empty barren lands all around. Almost 10 years back from this incident happene It is true that people who experience will believe and those who don't wait for their turn, I was into the latter until one such thing The Graveyard In The Mountains by maggirockz13 This experience is a recent one of mine, which still I can't believe that I have seen it with my own eyes.

I will explain it as short as I can and that too being able for you to understand.

I'd like to share a story. This might sound weird or fake but it is true. One fine day we have a wedding shoot in a place called Nanded city which is in Pune. We completed the shoot at around in the night.

Had our supper and stated back at aroun Before I start, please excuse my English I am not a native speaker. The experience that I am sharing was not a single incident rather it continued to occur daily for almost a year. My father was in the Army he This is my first story. Let me first clear that it's not my story it was told to me by my uncle.

So without wasting any time let's begin with the story. My uncle was an senior Inspector in Mumbai police now retired He told me that one day h I belong to a religious Hindu family and the experiences I am about to share are of my elder sister.

My elder sister is being haunted by some unknown entity for past 16 years now. We don't know what it is. Whether it's a ghost, a spi A Mysterious Sound by Aprajita Namste readers. I've been an avid visitor of this site and this is the third story I'm about to share. Just like the previous ones, this is not a personal experience, but something witnessed by my parents.

We live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan many of you must have heard about it because of the recent we This particular event happened in the mid 90's. That time my uncle used to work in one of the famous cotton mills of Mumbai. If you know about that era, many cotton mill workers used t There was a relatively newly built building called a hostel, on the campus, which was part of the official quarters for the offic But, the occurring, tragic to say the least, happening in one family is what prompts me seek readers opinion.

Please bear with me as I narrate a long story.

These series of events happened during at Bangalore, India for w Lady In Ghungru by sbanerjee89 I am a guy who has had many paranormal experiences in my life though not willingly.

This happened while I was working at my previous office. Let me try to describe the place first. You have a narrow hallway allowing 2 people side by side to walk simultaneously. The hallway has two doors at ei It must have taken place, at least years back.

My aunt is well above 55, and the time period she suggests of, was when India was ruled by the Britishers. Then, her grandfather was a kid and u Scary Evening In My Apartment! I haven't experienced anything supernatural in quite sometime and so was just helping other posters in the meanwhile.

If you have read through my experiences, you could very well figure out now that I was not away from Supernatural ele This is a real experience of mine with the supernatural. In Sikkim there is a place called Pakyong, where a catholic school is located. I studied there for five years staying at school hostel. Our hostel was a three storeyed horizontal building. The f I am new to this site. After reading to other's stories, I am inspired to write my own experience. My birthplace is Mumbai, And my family is also in Mumbai.

In December I was in Kerala working as a teacher. One day as I was heading to hostel after finishing my sch It is about my cousin aunt who was pregnant at the time back in She was and still is a very religious person and used to visit numerous temples before marriage.

Upon getting married and being 6 months pregnant she could not manage on her own The Scary Evening! My parents and my younger brothers were out for shopping, so I was alone in the house. I want to tell something about my house; we live in a small house quarters built by that company where my father works. It is too small. There are a total This incident recently took place with me and my brother.

There are 2 parts of this story. Apologies for the length of the story. I always had interest in the paranormal stuff and had an affinity towards why such things happened.

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I was with my family and we were having our dinner at PM. We had shared some pleasantries and completed our dinner by PM. When I This incident, as narrated to me by my mother, occurred to my late maternal grandma, whom I would refer to as "nani" for the rest of the story.

This dates back to the 80s, when my mom was still a kid. My mother's family used to live in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in a locality where The Secret Of The Basement by Kiyana I was 14 years old, when my father got posted in a small town near Pune and overnight we left out home and city to join him.

We shifted on the first floor of a lovely cottage named "Gulab" meaning Rose. The cottage was owned by equally loving family, who welcomed us wholeheartedly in the cottage. My Family Or Not?

I am a regular reader of this site. I always got fascinated by horror stories. So, I decided to post my own one. This happened few months ago.

My uncle, aunt and my cousins had gone to a relative's. I live with my cousins as here in Haryana, good educational opportunities are ava The incident that I am going to narrate happened with my Dad, around years back.

It happened during his childhood. Being the only son of my grandparents, h I don't know if this could be considered as a paranormal experience. For me, this was nothing short of a miracle.

This happened once I came out of my coma, but was still bedridden with complications. A number of doctors An Unusual Ghost Sighting! I went to my native village during the Diwali festival which was in the month of November then.

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Just to give a brief description of my house in the village it is a two-storeyed house not much big. We had to climb the stairs t Like everyday I reached office at around am and entered in my tower's basement car parking area but, as I was late that day so couldn't find the parking anywhere. The guard asked me to go to the other to Adventure Gone Wrong by kimayakk This is my child hood incident and occurred about 30 years ago;when I was about 12 years old.

I was born and raised in Mumbai and had shifted to a small town in rural Maharashtra, the same year due to father's change of job. We rented a small first floor apartment in a very beautiful bungalow locate The Operation - Coma by Realistic I am going to share with you all is a very personal experience and I had only told this to very close family members.

The first person I shared this with was my Mom nearly 8 years after it happened. This was something that occurred in mid when I was hospitalized for a fairly small operation Its not all that scary but I'd like to share it. This particular event happened with me on early s. I was living in Mumbai and every summer I used to visit my maternal uncle's place to spend my vacation. He is w All the houses there are close to together.

It was hard to keep the outsides of the houses tidy because of the monsoons.A couple of months passed casually. I was actually excited about it. It keeps us intrigued till the end and left me craving for more!

Most of the incidents take place in their apartment in Mumbai and around the area they lived in. One should kno

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