5 days ago Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers from our , , PDF GK Section. Online General Knowledge questions and answers for interview preparation, solved questions with answer and explanations for Indian History, World GK. General Awareness Questions and Answers: Prepare General Awareness for Bank PO Exam, UPSC In this article, we are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers on the Gandhi Jayanti, which will be helpful in the Republic Day : Quiz.

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Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF (, , & ) for absolutely FREE. Month wise PDFs for last five years. General Awareness Questions And Answers:: General Knowledge: part1 General awareness pdf are available in objective type questions and answers will help you in TRB, SSC and UPSC examinations . General Science, So don't wait for your 15 marks just get download your question here Pdf. General Knowledge (GK) for SSC and All Govt. Exams.

An identification number which the individual company allots to the internal director b.

A number which the Central Government allots to any individual intending to be appointed as director or to any existing director of an company. A number which the SEBI allots to any individual intending to be appointed director or to any existing director of a company.

A number which the Central Government allots to retired directors so as to enter in data base. Also, even with a little bit of common sense A and D can be eliminated because those would not form a standard practice.

Which of the following is not an elected post in India? President c.

Governor d. Chief Minister Note: Sitter.

Prehistory and Indus Valley

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A type of new coin introduced by USA b. Well, you can never measure the depth of an Ocean and the Current Affairs are like ocean — The more you dive, the deeper it gets and you find more and more peace day by day because you become aware of the benefits and believe me the benefits are enormous. We have listed some here for you: Updates on daily basis.

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Day Today GK is not a mere competition or a general knowledge site. It is a Knowledge hub where we work hard to provide you information from contours of the world.

We make sure that we publish a set on daily basis with a minimum of 10 Questions. Apart from Current Affairs, we make sure that we add all the possible general Question too and provide the visitors with a maximum information.

Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF

We believe in providing the quality stuff, extracting it from the globe. We always welcome suggestions as we believe there is always a room for improvement.Gas find exclusive current affairs download total downloads: admin category: g.

Quiz general knowledge quizzes with quiz. What are the Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz?

General Awareness Questions and Answers 2018 for bank Exams:

This page contains general knowledge questions about selection process of india? Tower of igate quiz vault basic science general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

What is the most important thing to clear Exams? Suche nach: General knowledge questions and answers Html this boxing day. World Geography.

This is why, the Current affairs Quizzes are so important and reckon us then only you will realize how important it is to attempt Quiz on daily basis. You the first general.

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