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Greyfriars Bobby book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When the time-gun boomed from Edinburgh Castle, Bobby gave a star. Greyfriars Bobby is a novel by Eleanor Atkinson based on the true story of the dog Greyfriars Bobby. The novel has been adapted into two films: Challenge to Lassie and Greyfriars Bobby. Both films starred Donald Crisp. The Walt Disney film Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog was also based on this book. The book Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson embellished the story and made John Gray a.

Bisa jadi cerita ini kalau dilihat dari keadaan masa sekarang begitu berlebihan. Nggak masuk akal. Seekor anjing muda begitu setia pada kakek tua yang sudah dikubur, selama empat belas tahun tiap malam hanya mau tidur di makam sang kakek? Lsite banget. Nggak percayaaa Jangan2 di era komodifikasi hal2 aneh ini, si anjing bisa dianggap jejadian. Jelmaan makhluk dunia lain. Lalu disinetronkan dengan efek pembesaran badan, ekor tombak dan lidah api Atau kalau pun si anjing dianggap mamalia biasa, dan memang menginap di kuburan majikannya, cerita ini hanya akan terdengar sesaat, lalu terlupakan di tengah kabar kebakaran, penyelundupan, pelanggaran batas laut oleh negeri jiran, atau perampokan bersenpi yang kian mengganas.

Untungnya, setting cerita ini adalah Edinburgh di Skotlandia, abad ke Suatu zaman di mana nilai kebaikan dan martabat manusia kadang dikalahkan oleh norma sosial. Kalangan kelas atas punya aturan dan kedudukan yang tidak bisa dipandang sebelah mata oleh rakyat jelata. Maka ketika penggembala miskin Auld Jock yang sebatang kara meninggal dunia, pemakamannya di makam mewah Greyfriars sempat dianggap tak tahu diri.

Namun Bobby, anjing kecil yang paling setia menemani tahun2 terakhir Auld Jock, tidak peduli. Dia hanya merasa mendianglah orang yang paling mencintainya, juga paling dicintainya. Karenanya, dengan segala cara dia bertahan untuk bisa mendampingi Auld Hock yang sudah berselimut tanah.

Selama belasan tahun. Apa lagi yang bisa saya ceritakan dari buku ini? Sebenarnya ceritanya biasa, dengan pesan moral yang biasa pula, yaitu jika binatang saja bisa mengerti kebaikan manusia terhadapnya, lalu kemudian membalasnya, harusnya sesama manusia pun bisa saling memahami dan menghormati. Gaya berceritanya menggunakan bahasa yang biasa juga, tidak berbunga Belum lagi deskripsi yang kuat tentang daerah dan penokohan, membuat saya seperti membaca karya Dickens dengan setting yang lebih modern.

Ada gambaran tentang kaum miskin yang tinggal berdesak-desak di rumah susun kumuh, anak2 kelas bawah yang kemudian ditolong oleh kalangan menengah atas yang baik budi, juga agen polisi yang agak arogan lalu kena batunya. Ingat lagi, siapkan saputangan dekat2 saat membaca buku ini Oct 12, Tarissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bobby is a Skye Terrier who makes his abode in Greyfriars, Scotland.

Sounds better like that, of course. This happy "little ruffian of a terrier" lived during Queen Victoria's reign--his true story begins in and takes the course of many years thereafter. Bobby has a very courageous story However, in the words of Auld Jock, "Bobby isna ma ain dog.

Bobby is really a stray, although he knows with all his heart where his loyalties reside. Auld Jock and Bobby only have each other to rely on--no one else is let into their close-knit friendship. Loup in, laddie.

The glossary in the back is the only thing that guided me through some of the complicated conversations. Bobby's merry life comes to an abrupt halt when the unthinkable happens. The very thing that made and completed his life is taken away. To other people, Auld Jock was just a shepherd, who nobody really remembers This is loyalty of a dog at its finest. Greyfriars Bobby was written by Eleanor Atkinson in She lived in Indiana and was an author, journalist, and teacher.

It is known that she at least visited Edinburgh once, giving her a starting place to write an account of this true story. Her version of Greyfriars Bobby was originally written for adults, but any age would enjoy the precious story.

I think it is wonderful and delightful. Quite possibly it is my absolute favorite book. View 1 comment. Anna C. Kalau di Jepang ada yang namanya Hachiko kalau di Inggris ada yang namanya Bobby. Pada awalnya membaca buku ini terasa menjemukan. Tampaknya saya selalu bermasalah dengan novel Inggris Klasik Masih mendingan membaca novel Russia Klasik. Tetapi adegan demi adegan muncul apalagi ketika kesetiaan si Bobby menunggu makam tuannya selama 14 tahun membuat hati ini rasanya tercekat: Dec 09, Hollybooks rated it liked it.

Fancied a quick read, a brilliant classic. My reading of Stevenson has reminded me how much I loved this as a child. I was such a sucker for sentimental animal stories: Molesworth would have called me a wet and a weed, and my older brother called me worse than that.

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But that's what older My reading of Stevenson has reminded me how much I loved this as a child. But that's what older brothers are for. Dec 14, Mark Speed rated it really liked it Shelves: Being the son of Edinburgh folk, I was force-fed the legend of Greyfriars Bobby by my parents and grandparents. It's one of the great stories of animal loyalty.

For those of you who don't know it, he was a Skye terrier who sat by his master's grave for 14 years in the grounds of the eponymous church which wasn't called Bobby. My mother was fond of this story as a child, so a paperback copy of this classic version of the story was thrust upon me at an early age.

It remains on my shelves, its cov Being the son of Edinburgh folk, I was force-fed the legend of Greyfriars Bobby by my parents and grandparents. It remains on my shelves, its cover Sellotaped on upside-down. Jan 11, Frances Winslow rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recommended to Frances by: I saw it on "Early Bird Books". It was free on my site Fire.

He had no master. He was everybody's dog. He changed the lives of all who were lucky enough to came in contact. He even had friends among other members of the animal world. After a few years, a little robin came to join him during his vigil on the poor shepherd's grave. Before Bobby, the shepherd was poor and unknown. The writing is poetry and prose and It's worth your while to try and understand.

I was surprised at how much this resembles the German language The description of the architecture , the surroundings are beautifully written and digested I would often pause and re read certain passages. Little Bobby picked his own "master" a poor and pious old shepherd.

When the "auld" shepherd died, Bobby lay on his unmarked grave. He was loyal to that spot for as long as little Bobby lived. He made friends of all who knew him.

He made his corner of the world a happier place. Indeed, for fourteen years hundreds of disinherited children have been made kinder and happier by knowing Bobby's story and having that little dog to love. Along with Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, it has to be one of my all time favorites. It expands mind and imagination and can grow your soul. Off to Edinburgh for a few days stay in the Old Town, and with a five hour train journey from London to fill, what else could I read but Greyfriars Bobby?

I've read it before and had fond memories, so I downloaded it onto my new site thought I would hate the site, but I LOVE it so far and devoured it on the train, unashamedly shedding a few tears at the end.

Then, as soon as I dropped my bags off at my hotel, I headed out to explore all the places I'd just finished reading about in the Old Off to Edinburgh for a few days stay in the Old Town, and with a five hour train journey from London to fill, what else could I read but Greyfriars Bobby?

Then, as soon as I dropped my bags off at my hotel, I headed out to explore all the places I'd just finished reading about in the Old Town - Greyfriars Kirk and the statue of Bobby, the Grassmarket, Cowgate, the six-storied houses, George IV bridge, and of course the castle - which really is everywhere.

Loved it, despite any purported factual inaccuracies. Great story. Read with an open heart and a box of kleenex. This is the most honest portrait of the love and devotion that exists between a human being and his beloved dog.

When you have read the book Try and fit a box of kleenex in your purse Sep 02, Anne Mcginlay rated it it was amazing. Love this little book.

Description is just great. I bring it out and re-read every years. Usually in mid-winter when I can curl up and listen to the wind howling or watch the snow falling.

I'm a bit late this time as reading it now but the wind is still howling!!!!!!! Not far to go in book so will be crying soon!! Stars Crawford Logan and Paul Young. Broadcast on: BBC Radio 7, 4: I will finish this one day, when I have enough energy to muddle through the accents. I love this book! Mar 01, Susan rated it it was amazing. I read this book again in one sitting, and was in tears for most of it. I'm not sure why this story of a faithful little dog always affects me so.

Bobby is a Skye terrier, and when his sheepherder master dies in the slums of Edinburgh, he follows the little procession to the graveyard and refuses to leave the grave. He lives in the Greyfriars graveyard for 14 years, lying on his master's grave or under a fallen slab nearby. The graveyard caretaker and his wife are won over by his loyalty, as a I read this book again in one sitting, and was in tears for most of it. The graveyard caretaker and his wife are won over by his loyalty, as are the children from the nearby tenements.

When Bobby's future is threatened by the authorities, all these friends plus some new high-powered ones come to his aid. This is such a charming little book, I love it - I just wish it didn't make me cry every time I read it!

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Having visited Edinburgh, seen Bobby's statue and the graveyard, and heard the one o'clock gun fire from the Castle, I was able to visualize so much of the story. Animals lovers. I really would have liked to enjoy this book far more than I did. It's a heart-warming story with a very charismatic dog as main character, but the book itself has not aged well and the first two thirds of the novel work better as individual vignettes, rather than as a continuous story.

Atkinson portrayal of Bobby is quite clever and doesn't fall into the trap of humanizing the titular Skye terrier.

Of course, that means that he never "develops", but it also means that his single-minded determin I really would have liked to enjoy this book far more than I did.

The legend of Greyfriars Bobby really is a myth

Of course, that means that he never "develops", but it also means that his single-minded determination to watch over the graveyard of the human he chose as companion feels far more natural than if he had been given long and deep disertation on love and devotion. His early adventures are entertaining, but his last adventures and his ultimately rise to fame are the ones that finally give the book the edge that it lacks early on despite the dramatic events that leave Bobby orphaned from his master.

Oct 07, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: This was so wholesome. I picked it up at a used bookstore several years ago because Scotland, and it finally came up in my very halfhearted challenge to read my TBR. By "came up," I mean this is the last novel that I own but hadn't read. I still have about fifteen poetry and nonfiction books. But still, this counts as progress. I was expecting it to be a sweet story about a loyal dog, and it was.

It had a little more plot to it than I was expecting, which made it a more engaging read. It also f This was so wholesome. It also felt Scottish, although the author was American. It was nice to read a bit of fiction about the dog whose statue I've seen and whose story I've heard on more than a few Edinburgh tours.

It is a shining example of love, loyalty, courage, determination, and understanding. The story is true, Bobby's statue still stands watch o'er the kirkyard where Auld Jack was laid to rest.

It's been a century since Bobby died. No matter, his story has even more meaning now than it ever did. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 4 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. This book brings history alive to children. After visiting Edinburgh and seeing the statue and grave we had to have this book.

The pictures are great, and the story tugs at your heart! This is a delightful story, and this author attempts to tell the heartwarming tale while debunking many of the tales that have grown up around it. This is the children's version of the full story of Greyfriars Bobby.

The language is simple and the illustrations ample and very well done. It will go to my great-grandson -- he will love it! Sweet story of a dog that once lived in Edinburgh and was very devoted to his master. So devoted that he stayed by his grave for years after his death. Interesting little story that is true. See all 4 reviews. Customers who bought this item also bought. Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. Richard Brassey. Bagpipes, Beasties, and Bogles Picture Kelpies.

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See also: Brown is the curator of the cemetery where Auld Jock was buried. Book ratings by Goodreads. Quite possibly it is my absolute favorite book. Bobby's devotion changes the lives of those around him and ultimately the conditions of the poor in Edinburgh.

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