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Dear Students welcome to Today we are providing Indian polity questions for competitive exams in Hindi Pdf with answer. This pdf contains . This PDF E-book comprises a Dynamic PDF compilation of all the questions published in Indian Polity & Constitution MCQ category in GKToday. The PDF is. (9) Which of the following is not included in the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India? (a) Right to adequate means of livelihood (b) Right to Freedom.

Roy yaligaranu gmail. The Constitution of India is written and bulky document The Constitution framed by a Committee consisting of the people representatives is called as Written Constitution Constitution which provides for a series of semiautonomous states joined together as a nation is Federal Constitution Centralization of power is an important feature in Federal Constitution The Constitution which can be amended by simple act of the legislature is known as Flexible Constitution Which one of the following provisions of the Constitution came into force soon after its adoption on India has been described under Article 1 of the Constitution as a Union of States The Constitution of India is Partly rigid and partly flexible The Indian Constitution is recognized as Federal in form and Unitary in spirit The Indian Constitution came into force on January 26th was selected as the date for the inauguration of the Constitution because Congress had observed it as the Independence Day in Which one of the following exercised the most profound influence on the Indian Constitution?

To whom does the People of India gave the Constitution to Themselves The important test to identify the basic features of the Indian Constitution is Preamble In the Indian Constitution, this expression occurs in Preamble The Preamble of Indian Constitution has been amended so far Once The Preamble was amended by the nd Amendment, Fraternity means spirit of brotherhood The words Socialist Secular were Added by the 42nd Amendment Liberty in our Preamble does not include Freedom of Action Which among the following is an aid to the Statutory Interpretation?

Which of the key to open the minds of the makers of the Constitution? Who proposed Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution? The Preamble of our Constitution reads We, the people of India in our Constituent Assembly adopt, enact and give to India is called a Republic because The Head of the State in India President is an elected head for a fixed period Sovereignty in a democracy rests with the People The Preamble of the Constitution indicates The source of the Indian Constitution yaligaranu gmail.

It is not the objective enshrined in the Preamble. Which of the following is described as the Soul of the Constitution? Which one of the following is not treated as part of the Constitution? Democracy of India rests on the fact that People have the right to choose and change the government The word Democracy is derived from the Greek words Demos and Kratos India opted for a Federal form of government because of Linguistic and Regional Diversity What is the chief ultimate source of political power authority in India?

A Flexible Constitution can be amended easily The Judiciary acts as an guardian of the Constitution in a Federal government yaligaranu gmail. India is a Secular State because It is described so in the preamble of the Constitution Our Constitution has laid emphasis on securing social, economic and political justice to all the citizens of the country. These objectives are aimed at securing a Welfare State Modern States are generally considered as Welfare States A State which does not promote or interfere in the affairs of religion is referred to as Secular The Constitution is a Dynamic Law The Constitution of India provides Single citizenship The Constitution provides Powers, Responsibilities, Limitations The fundamental organs of the State are established by Constitution Detailed provisions regarding acquisition and termination of Indian citizenship are contained in Act passed by the Parliament in Which of the following is not a condition for becoming an Indian citizen?

A person can lose citizenship through Deprivation, Termination, and Renunciation The aims and objectives of the Constitution have been enshrined in The Preamble According to the Act of , the territory was divided into Provinces Which of the following is also known as the Act of ?

Under which of the following Act was Provincial Autonomy introduced in India? Who made the Constitution of India? A Constituent Assembly is convened to Frame the Constitution of the country Which party was not associated with the Constituent Assembly of India?

The mind and ideals of the framers of the Constitution are reflected in the Preamble In our Constitution, what justice is not given to the citizens? The present Five-year Plan is 11th Amend means remove the difficulties Enact means pass a law Who advocated Grama Swarajya for the growth of the villages?

Poornaswarajya was declared as the goal of the Congress on December in the Lahore Session Who has given the following statement: Democracy means a Government of the people, by the people and for the people? Which one of the following features was borrowed by the framers of the Constitution from the US Constitution? The ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution were adopted under inspiration from The French Revolution The Constitution describes the Indian Union as India i.

Bharat The two persons who played a vital role in the integration of Princely States were Sardar Patel and V. Menon The States were reorganized on linguistic basis in Which State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic State of India?

The Indian Federal system is modeled on the Federal system of Canada India is known as Parliamentary Democracy because Executive is responsible to the Parliament The Indian State is regarded as federal because the Indian Constitution provides for Sharing of power between Center and States The Ninth Schedule was added to the Constitution by the 1st Amendment Which Schedule details the boundaries of the States and the Union Territories?

The details of salaries, allowances, etc. Which Schedule gives details regarding the subjects included in the three lists Central, State and Concurrent Lists? Which of the following statements is correct? As per Article of Indian Constitution, disputes relating to waters shall be solved By Parliament Which one of the following declares India as a Secular State?

By which of the following a new State is formed? The final interpreter to Indian Constitution is Supreme Court Every Amendment of Indian Constitution has to be approved by the Parliament Which one of the following States has a separate Constitution?

Under the Parliamentary system of the Government, the Cabinet as a whole is responsible to the Legislature Who is authorized to initiate a Bill for Constitutional Amendment? The power of Parliament to amend the Constitution includes power to amend by way of addition, variation or repeal Which Article empowers the Parliament to amend the Indian Constitution?

What is contained in the Tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution? Who framed the Constitution of India? Who said, Those who attack Congress and spare Nehru are fools. They do not know the ABCs of the politics.? What is the name given to the Ambedkars house built for himself, his family and books at Dadar, in Bombay?

Indian Constitution is Wholly written The Indian Constitution is Lengthy, Written Which year is considered to be a memorable landmark in the history of Indias Struggle for Freedom? Mahatma Gandhiji was the editor of Young India Who was not a member of the Constituent Assembly? Who among the following was not a member of the Royal Commission on the Public Services in India, ? Which national leader of India, preached through his paper Kesari, his new ideals of self-help and national revival among the masses?

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Which newspaper was started by Lokamanya Tilak to serve as a mouthpiece for the Indians in the Freedom Struggle? In which one of the following provinces was a Congress ministry not formed under Act of ? Under whose Presidency was the Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress held in the year wherein a resolution was adopted to gain complete independence from the British?

Who among the following drafted the resolution on Fundamental Rights for the Karachi Session of Congress in ?

Who made the comment on the Constitution should not be so rigid that it cannot be adapted to the changing needs of national development and strength? Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in The expression Tryst with Destiny was used by Jawaharlal Nehru on the occasion of August Declaration India enacted an important event of Indian National Movement celebrating the 75th anniversary.

Which was it? Which one of the following principle with regard to Panchsheel? The Agreement between India and China, by which both accepted Panchsheel as the basis of their relations, was signed in When was the famous GandhiIrwin Pact signed? Who coined the term Non-Alignment? Who among the following repealed the Vernacular Press Act? Who was assigned the task of partitioning India in ? Which Englishmans role was control to the founding of the Indian National Congress? Subhash Chandra Bose renamed what as Shaheed and Swaraj?

Which party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose in the year after he broke away from the Congress? By what name was the womans regiment of the Indian National Army known? During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who among the following proposed that Swaraj should be defined has complete independence free from all foreign controls? The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha was Vallabhbhai Patel The reference to Hindus in Article 25 of the Constitution does not include Parsees Financial allocation for education was made for the first time by the Charter Act of Which of the following persons became Vice President after serving as acting President of India for a short duration?

In , a Session of the Indian National Congress was held when its President was in prison and with some other leader acting as its President. Who was the Congress President in prison?

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Das yaligaranu gmail. The Quit India Movement started at and when Bombay, Which famous Movement did Mahatma Gandhi launch in August ? In how many provinces did the Indian National Congress form Governments after the elections to the Assemblies held under the Government of India Act of ? The Muslim League declared its goal of forming Pakistan in which city in ? Name the only Indian ruler who has died fighting the British? Who was the first Muslim Invader of India? The words Satyameva Jayate inscribed in Devanagiri script below the abacus of the State Emblem of India are taken from Mundaka Upanishad Who gave the first draft of the Constitution to the Drafting Committee to consider and improve B.

The Final Draft of the Constitution was prepared by S. Mukherjee The Preamble says that the State in India will assure the dignity of the individual. The Constitution seeks to achieve this object by guaranteeing Equal FRs to each citizen Articles 19 1 f and 31 were deleted and Article A was inserted by the following Constitution Amendment Act 44th Which of the following Article of the Constitution cannot be amended by a simple majority in both the Houses of Parliament?

Which of the following events made Gandhiji to launch, for the first time, Civil Disobedience Movement --Promulgation of Rowlatt Act of Where did Mahatma Gandhiji first try the weapon of Satyagraha?

The most effective measure against injustice adopted by Gandhiji was Fasting Gandhiji started Satyagraha in to protest against the Rowlatt Act Which of the following Acts of British Parliament envisaged for the first time a close association of Indians with the administration? Which of the following Acts gave representation to the Indians for the first time in legislation? Which leader dominated the Lucknow Pact in December, ?

Which present day country was a part of British India from ? Which one of the following is related to the development of education in Modern India? Metcalfe Which Section of the Limitation Act defines Tort?

The purpose of the Ilbert Bill was To remove an anomaly in the Criminal Procedure Code of , according to which no magistrate or sessions judge could try a European or British subject unless he was himself of European birth An Amendment of the Constitution of India for the purpose of creating a new State in India must be passed by A simple majority in the Parliament On which of the following did the Mahalonobis Model laid greater emphasis for planned development in India after Independence?

How our Constitution was criticized? What has been described as the Indian Political Horoscope?

Who called the word for Preamble as Political Horoscope of India? Munshi What is meant by saying that India is a Secular State?

Where in the Indian Constitution, Economic Justice has been provided as one of the objectives? Who treated as Sovereign in Constitution of India? Home Rule League was founded by Annie Beasant Who set up the first school of untouchables in India? In which year was Untouchability abolished in India?

Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed during The first visible effect of Constitution was Disappearance of Princely States yaligaranu gmail. In which year were the Indian States reorganized on a linguistic basis? Rajagopalachari II. Who is empowered to admit a new State to the Union of India? Which important Human Right is protected in Article 21 of our Constitution?

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The Constitution confers a special authority for the enforcement of FRs on the Supreme Court yaligaranu gmail. FRs can be claimed against the State 8. Clause 1 of Article 13 is applicable only to Preconstitutional Laws Original Constitution classified FRs into seven categories but now there are Six Indias desire for civil liberties started from the struggle for independence against the British Rule The concept of Single Citizenship is borrowed from the Constitution of Britain Singhvi Committee.

Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, Citizenship of a person can be determined at the commencement of the Constitution? Which Article describes the persons voluntarily acquiring Citizenship of a foreign State not to be an Indian Citizen? Who is authorized to lay down qualifications to acquire the Citizenship?

Which of the following is a qualification to acquire Citizenship by Naturalization? FRs are not applicable to Armed Forces Which Article of the Constitution empowers the Parliament to enact the provisions for acquisition and termination of Citizenship? By which FR other FRs is protected?

Which of the following is not a FR? Which of the following has ceased to be a FR in the Indian Constitution? Which among the following is not a FR? Which FR has been a subject of maximum controversy and litigation?

The Right to private property was dropped from the list of FRs by the OR Right to property took the shape of legal right by way of 44th Amendment The Right to equality guaranteed by the Indian Constitution does not include Economic Equality Equality before the Law implies absence of any privilege in favor of any person Which Resolution for the first time expressed the concept of equality before the law?

Which one of the FRs was described by Dr. Ambedkar as the Heart and Soul of the Constitution? Which of the following confers upon the citizens the right to approach a court of law for the protection and restoration of FRs?

Right Constitutional Remedies The Constitutional remedies under the Article 32 can be suspended by the Parliament Writs can be issued for the enforcement of FRs by the --Supreme Court Who enjoys the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the FRs of Indian citizen? Who can abridge any FR without damaging or destroying the basic features of the Constitution?

Which one of the following Courts is responsible for the enforcement of FRs? Which of the following is the guardian of the FRs of the citizens? Who is authorized to impose restrictions on FRs?

The FRs of the Indian citizen can be suspended by the President during national emergency The FRs ensure the protection of Citizens against arbitrary rule Ultra vires means Without authority Who are not entitled to form Union? Who quoted Child of today is the Citizen of tomorrow? Who quoted Freedom is my Birth Right?

What is the age in years for casting their vote? Which Article and Amendment changes the right to vote from 21 to 18 years? Creamy Layer means Persons having higher incomes yaligaranu gmail. Mandal Commission deals with Reservation for backward class people Besides, when exams are just around the corner, completing the final revision can prove to be of tremendous help to students. Hello and welcome to exampundit.

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