Download PDF Reader apk for Android. Simple and Tiny PDF Reader App to read PDF files and documents. Download Small PDF apk for Android. The smallest PDF reader in the world!. Download PDFyIT lite - Lightweight PDF Reader apk for Android. Lightweight PDF reader with Only 3 Mb!.

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Download Easy PDF Reader APK (latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo A lightweight, high quality PDF Reader for Android devices. PDF Viewer for Android is a free and awesome Productivity app. Android apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us, We'll delete it in a short time. Download Locations for PDF Viewer for Android APK (File Size: M). PDF Reader is one of the best reading tools. It can help you to easily manage, and open all the ebooks on your phone. Supports ebook formats: PDF, DjVU, XPS.

This PDF reader for android free of cost will save your phone's memory. It is the basic version , but if you like it please leave a positive review and 5 stars. Every little contribution by your side helps,either it be sharing,reviewing,talking about the app etc.

If you don't like it, please email me to tell me what's wrong before leaving me a negative review. That said, due to the volume of email I get, if the message doesn't explain clearly what the problem is and how to reproduce it, I will have to ignore it as this is something I do for free, in my spare time.

You can always adjust your caller ID settings in the settings menu. Coming Updates: Known Issues: Truth be told,nobody uses all the features present in complex PDF file readers.

Many of them especially students just require the pdf reader to read the PDF. Like us on Facebook for updates: PDF Reader 1. Download APK Additional Information Category: Android 4.

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PDF Reader Update on: Most of the features, and all of the important ones, are available in the free version. Foxit is a lot like ezPDF. Both boast all-in-one solutions for PDF use. It features an organization system to keep your PDF files in line.

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It's a good all-around option when you factor in the reading features as well. It's mostly for business use whereas ezPDF is more for pleasure reading, but it works great for reading too. Google Play Books Price: You can download a variety of books from the store and read them wherever. It can also read PDF files. There is no business use here — this is just for pleasure reading.

The books become a part of your library like any other book. It's a great way to consolidate a large collection behind a service that lets you download more books. The app is free but you can spend money on the books in the store, obviously. That's not a bad one for super basic use cases.

Librera Price: Free with ads. Librera is one of the more interesting PDF reader apps. It seems to change dramatically every time we update this list. These days, the app bills itself as an all-in-one e-book reader. It also features a modern design, a night and day mode for easier reading at night, and more. You can even listen to books using Text-To-Speech if you really want to. The app is a bit buggier than most others on this list, but it's also completely free with advertising.

It goes by the boring name PDF Reader and also works pretty well. MiXplorer Silver Price: MiXplorer Silver is an all-in-one file explorer. It does all of your usual file browser stuff. That includes browsing files, opening various types of files, dealing with archives, and support for most types of media sources. What makes this one special is its support all types of stuff via plugins.

It has support for ebook formats along with PDF. It's not the most elegant solution for ebook reading, but it's a good way to kill several birds with one stone. The PDF add-on and all of the other add-ons are free. We have some more app list recommendations for you! It has a boatload of features like theming support, tons of visual options, auto-scroll, intelligent paragraphs, dual page mode for landscape , and more. It has the occasional rough edge, but it's among the best options for those who read books in PDF format.

OfficeSuite Price: OfficeSuite is one of the most popular office apps on mobile. It can do a lot of things. There is support for documents including from Microsoft Office , spreadsheets, presentations, and even PDF files.

The PDF functionality is pretty much just business focused. This is a good option for those who need a traditional office app with PDF support. The premium version is fairly expensive, though. It carries all of the basic features, including annotations, cloud support, zoom, bookmarks, and more.

The pro version adds themes, multiple customization options, and document merging into a single PDF. You also get Material Design and a somewhat easy UI overall.

We didn't have any problem during our testing. However, some have reported the occasional performance bug. Thankfully, the free version is free, obviously, so you can try it without paying anything. It's above average, but more powerful options are available. This is useful if you have a form or something that needs to be in a more official format.

PDF Reader 1.14 Update

The subscription adds a few additional, useful features and removes ads. It's not wholly necessary, though. Xodo is probably the best completely free PDF reader. It boasts quick loading and smooth navigation. You can also fill out PDF forms, sign them, and save your signature for future use.

It also has support for note taking, bookmarking, cloud storage, file management, and more. You can even take notes on blank PDFs if you really want to. It has a surprisingly good number of features considering it's free with no in-app downloads.

We also like that it works for both business and recreational use. There doesn't appear to be advertising either.

Honestly, we can't find a lot wrong with it. However, you can find more features for either business or ebook reading with a dedicated app. Thank you for reading! Here are some other app lists that might be helpful!

Best Apps. You Might Like. Updated Get the Android Authority app on Google Play.OfficeSuite is one of the most popular office apps on mobile. It's a good all-around option when you factor in the reading features as well. Frankly, you don't really need to worry about subscriptions unless you do stuff like this professionally.

PRO PDF Reader 4.4.0 APK

This PDF reader for android free of cost will save your phone's memory. We got it covered! Streamline workflow by converting hardcopy into electronic PDF — scan and convert in one step.

The first is for business and professional use.

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