New Book! Posted on July 15, by admin. New Book! Pedal Control – Just released; New Mapex Falcon video. Check it out now! Posted in News. The Cycle of Self Empowerment by Dom Famularo (CD) This groundbreaking book, Open Handed Playing, offers a step-by-step approach for drummers of all styles to learn and ODD FEELINGS By Massimo Russo with Dom Famularo. The Sessions Panel & our Artist Series interviews with Dom Famularo share . Dom's book The Cycle of Self Empowerment is the basis for his life coaching.

Dom Famularo Book

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The Cycle of Self Empowerment [Dom Famularo] on *FREE* shipping on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now. The Weaker Side [Dom Famularo, Stéphane Chamberland] on * FREE* shipping on Open-Handed Playing, Vol 2: A Step Beyond, Book & CD. It's Your Move: Motions and Emotions [Joe Bergamini, Dom Famularo] on The book gathers questions that have been asked of Dom Famularo during his.

He does various freelance recording and performing projects, and performs with his jazz fusion trio, Ecstasy in Numbers. By taking a different approach from other classic jazz methods, this book provides exercises based around common timekeeping approaches, from simple to very advanced.

Publications edition of the classic drum book that every student needs to study from!

Now includes 2 unbelievable CDs showcasing Jim Chapin himself demonstrating the material. Must be heard to be believed. The classic look and clarity of the book is retained throughout this new edition. This is the original item with spiral binding, as it exisited for decades.

A book with a unique and ingenious format that presents an incredibly wide scope of study with PRACTICAL work ranging from relative simplicity to exercises that may actually anticipate the future.

This book presents a unique concept in the study of drums. The book is in three ring note book format. The pages are of thick cardstock that clip into a section where dozens of plastic inlays may be put over each page to produce an infinite number of variations on the the exercises.

Dom Famularo

The idea is that no two drummers that study the book will be playing the same exercises. You create your own program by choosing what inlay goes over what to create exercise or phrasing to add to your own repetoire that will be unique to you.

This book is expensive and not easily found, but for the serious drummer is probably the best of its kind. Whether a beginner or an accomplished drummer, this DVD with added master-class footage will continue to help drummers of all styles and levels achieve more Speed, Power, Control and Endurance. Enjoy the Chapin magic! Download the booklet here for free!

Together you will: The Sabian Education Network is a community for drum teachers to interact and share with each other. In keeping with this, and in order to keep the discussions inside the website at a high level, we need to know about your teaching experience and career.

Join our community of music educators to help inspire the next generation of lifelong musicians. The Education Collective will grow as a community and resource center for all types of teachers.

Each video provides a unique perspective to a classic drum book.

On The Cover – Dom Famularo

Click here to see additional Beyond the Page videos. Do you have a Dom story? Several half an hour lessons Skype, FaceTime or in person will be given to those sharing inspiring, funny, heartwarming or any kind of story you share about Dom. Make sure you use the DomFamularo hashtag so you can be entered. Enter as many stories as you want… it will give you more chances to win! Dom performs and inspires everyone he meets as he travels the world. Take your music skills, business skills and life skills to another level.

Dom was the first drum instructor in the world to give lessons via the internet. Dom has been traveling the globe preaching the gospel of drumming for over 30 years. An intense performer, Dom is one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world, with a career built solely upon his unique skills as a drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker.

Students regularly fly in from around the globe for intensive study with Dom…currently teaching over 1, students from over 20 countries at his WizDOM Drumshed studio in NY. Currently Dom continues to travel intensively while working on several drum educational products as well as his series of motivational books.

We hope this web site will bring you closer into the wonderful world of Dom! A Can-Do Muso is a musician with challenges who is very passionate about their music. Mis sion Statement Can Do Musos want to provide guidance and hope to all musicians with challenges. And last night I gave a lesson to a seven-year-old in Australia.

Once a month we have a lesson, and I give him some fun things to work on to keep his enthusiasm up. I have to find out how they listen and how they learn.

Do they learn by me showing them?

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Do they learn by watching videos? Some kids want to see things in a book. So I have to find out what key unlocks that student, and every student is different.

Do you ever find yourself teaching students the opposite way that they want to be taught, just to break them out of a mold? All the time. My job is to challenge them to widen their learning ability, because not every idea comes through one channel. Teachers have to be willing to challenge themselves.

What am I not doing right to deliver that information in a way that students can understand? When I went to school at St. I already had a strong foundation in reading, technique, and playing a variety of styles, so when I went to college I took psychology classes, which is the study of the human mind; business classes, which is about economics and marketing; and communication arts classes, which is about speaking and lecturing.

Those were the three areas that I felt would really help me be a better teacher, while I was also studying with the best drum teachers I could find. What have been the biggest changes in your teaching approach in the past few years? I also have to keep up with the new books. If that new book helps an old idea reach someone, then I want to learn it. It relates back to the roots of modern drumset playing, which are in tap dancing.

And most of the early drumset players were great tap dancers: I learned tap from my sister when I was younger, and I believe that was a big help with my foot technique. Then, when they get back to the drumset, they can fly on the pedals.

It really is. Relaxed movement creates relaxed sound, consistent movement creates consistent sound, and fluid movement creates fluid sound. But tense movement creates tense sound. We want to remove tension with relaxed, fluid, consistent movement.

When that happens, your sound immediately gets better. We start on the pad just to understand some of the movement of the techniques. But I try to get guys on the drumset immediately so they can feel the results of their hard work.

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The practice pad is a great invention, in that it helps you develop the muscular ability to play the drumset. Then about twelve years ago I met a gentleman named Mr.

They have schools in different cities, with 2, teachers and over 50, students. This past May I toured eleven cities in fourteen days.

He wants me to eventually visit and perform at every school. In August, he had a camp on a cruise ship, which was a first. We brought in to students, and they took classes in different areas of percussion.

Did you always want to be a teacher and clinician, or did it just happen naturally? Everything in my life has happened unplanned and organically. I started out as a professional performer at the age of twelve.

On The Cover – Dom Famularo

Here on Long Island, in , I had a band with my brothers and sister, and I was working at least two nights a week. By the time I was seventeen, I was playing with different bands around New York, and other drummers would come up to me and ask how I played certain things.

Eventually they wanted to take lessons. I built my teaching practice up to about fifty students a week, and I was still playing with bands and doing some jingles in New York City. I started teaching at several different music stores, and I got up to eighty students a week. It was an intense schedule, so my organizational skills developed back then. That allowed me to taste what true professionalism was about, while also maintaining my teaching practice.

But I never advertised my business. I stayed true to my craft, and people kept coming.

I still gig regulary with other musicians, and I recently started doing voiceover work for an animated teaching series called Musimations. It was a natural progression.After presenting you with the Elements-simple one-beat variations of basic 16th-note and triplet rhythms-Favicchia shows you how to practice them in order to expand your abilities and skills in variousareas.

Arrival Drum Play-Along provides ten exciting, pro-sounding original tracks, accompanied by note-for-note transcriptions of the main grooves and fills from Terry Branam and extensive educational text from Bergamini.

What did they teach you? Famularo has franchised his WizDom Drumshed concept, which centers on a highly motivational style of teaching and has a very specific studio setup comprising a practice pad station for technical studies, a snare drum station for reading and rudimental workouts, and two drumsets so the teacher and student can play through exercises simultaneously, plus a high-tech network of HD cameras, flat-screen monitors, and computers so that lessons can be recorded and archived for future analysis or transmitted live to online students via the Internet.

Take a live 60 minutes drum lesson with Dom wherever you are in the world using Skype. Jim discusses more than 30 of the most interesting and important drummers of the past 75 years.

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