Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson. Vol. VIII of the Dune series. Soon after the Honored Matres careened into the Old Empire, the Bene. Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson - Sandworms Of Dune · Read more · Dune 14 - Heretics Of Dune. Read more · Dune 14 - Children of Dune · Read more. Sandworms of Dune is a science fiction novel by American writers Brian Herbert and Kevin J. .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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A former Honored Matre herself, Murbella eventually accesses the Other Memory from her Honored Matre ancestors, and learns their true origins. The Tleilaxu women had been used as axlotl tanks by their males for millennia; though the current Honored Matres did not know their own origins, this explains to Murbella why they had been compelled to so mercilessly annihilate the Tleilaxu worlds in the Old Empire. Murbella also 'remembers' the attack by a renegade Honored Matre that first antagonized the Enemy.

On the no-ship, an attempt by rebel Bene Gesserits to murder the Leto II ghola is foiled by the child himself, seemingly able to change into a sandworm at will. The Paul ghola wants to remember his past; with the help of the Chani ghola, he steals and consumes an overdose of spice. This fails to awaken his past memories, but instead he has a vision in which he has been stabbed by another, evil Paul Atreides.

After being discovered by the Bene Gesserit, he concludes that it is prescience. Sheanna's own visions bring a warning from the legendary Reverend Mother Ramallo of Arrakis about the use of the gholas. She stops the ghola program from continuing until she can make sense of it all. They insist they have lured the Ithaca into a trap, and will soon have the Kwisatz Haderach they have calculated is on board.

Khrone, however, continues to prepare the gholas. He finally manages to restore the Baron's memories, and instructs him to train the Paul ghola named Paolo , who does not yet have his memories. To the Baron's disquiet, he finds the mocking voice of his granddaughter Alia in his thoughts soon after recovering his memories. She also later threatens him should he try to harm Paolo.

Sandworms of Dune

Murbella contracts Ix's competitor Richese to provide as many armed ships, and as much weaponry, as possible, in preparation for the confrontation with the unknown enemy.

Later, the Honored Matres destroy the entire planet of Richese to cripple the Sisterhood. In a final assault on Tleilax, the most powerful of the rebel Honored Matre strongholds, Murbella and her Valkyries are victorious. It is revealed that Matre Superior Hellica and several of her elite guard were, in fact, Face Dancers. Many of the surviving Honored Matres then join with Murbella.

Uxtal and the sole remaining Waff ghola each attempt to escape during the chaos.

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A Tleilaxu farmer gleefully allows "Master" Uxtal to be devoured by hungry sligs , while Waff finds refuge with the Spacing Guild, offering Edrik something better than artificial melange—the genetic knowledge for the Guild to create their own, optimized sandworms.

The Ithaca stumbles upon the homeworld of the Handlers , masters of the Futars. An exploratory party from the no-ship returns the man-beasts, and soon discovers that the seemingly bucolic Handlers are actually Face Dancers, tasked with their capture.

Sheanna and her companions barely escape with their lives. Some Face Dancer ships manage to crash into the Ithaca before its escape, and potentially missing bodies in the wreckage have the no-ship's passengers wondering if the enemies are now among them. The emergency forces Miles Teg to reveal his hidden power of superhuman speed, unlocked in him during torture by Honored Matres in Heretics of Dune.

He has kept this ability secret because the Bene Gesserit are suspicious of any males having any "wild talents", lest another Kwisatz Haderach be created. Murbella, now in complete control of the Honored Matres and Bene Gesserit, prepares a defense against the forces of the Enemy, now identified by Other Memory to be thinking machines of Omnius , the machine overlord destroyed back in the ancient Butlerian Jihad.

The Oracle of Time is then revealed to be the living consciousness of Norma Cenva , somehow also still in existence millennia after the Jihad. The story concludes with Daniel and Marty revealed to be Omnius and the independent robot, Erasmus. Before its destruction, the Omnius incarnation on Giedi Prime had launched 5, probes capable of constructing new machine colonies on any planets encountered. One of these probes eventually intercepted a signal transmitted by the last remaining Omnius on Corrin before it too was destroyed.

But the Obliterators and Ixian navigation devices all suddenly fail.

Murbella realizes that they have been sabotaged. When it appears that defeat at the hands of the thinking machine forces is imminent, the Oracle of Time appears with a thousand ships piloted by Guild Navigators and begins to attack the machines. This assault leaves the machine fleet in pieces.

The Oracle then tells Murbella that she is going to Synchrony to stop Omnius once and for all; she folds space, and a visual manifestation of the Oracle appears in the room where Paul and Paolo have been dueling. The Oracle then removes every aspect of Omnius and transports the Evermind away into another dimension forever.

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The ultimate Kwisatz Haderach[ edit ] Sheeana and the young Leto II ghola free the sandworms from the Ithaca's cargo hold, and the worms wreak havoc throughout Synchrony. Leto II regains his memories, and after the battle is finished, he tells Sheeana that he must now go back into the dreaming. Leto walks into the belly of the largest worm, Monarch, and the seven worms twist together and join into one giant superworm before digging deep into the ground.

Fresh from fighting the thinking machines outside on Synchrony with Sheeana, Duncan enters the chamber where a recovering Paul, his memories now restored, reveals that Duncan is the final Kwisatz Haderach, having evolved and perfected himself through thousands of years of ghola rebirth and altered DNA. Erasmus, the independent-minded robot, explains that he was the mastermind behind the rebuilding of the Synchronized Worlds. A mutinous Khrone declares that the universe now belongs to his Face Dancers, as both humans and machines have been crippled.

Amused by Khrone's attempt to seize power, Erasmus explains that a fail-safe system had been built into the Face Dancers. Erasmus kills Khrone and his party—and then all enhanced Face Dancers across the universe—with the simple flip of a mental switch.

The immediate death of so many Face Dancers exposes how much they have infiltrated human society.

Sandworms of Dune

Erasmus then offers Duncan a choice. With both humans and thinking machines battered and beaten, Duncan can choose either destruction for one side or recovery and healing for both.

Choosing peace over victory, Duncan and Erasmus then merge minds. Erasmus imparts Duncan with all the codes required to run the Synchronized Worlds, as well as all of his knowledge.

Duncan now stands as the bridge between humans and machines. With little left for him, Erasmus again expresses his desire to learn everything possible about what it is to be human—he asks for Duncan to help him die.

As Duncan shuts Erasmus down, he shares one of the many deaths he experienced with the robot. Back in the Old Empire, Murbella's forces are preparing to attack Omnius's second wave when the machines suddenly stop. She and Duncan are reunited, and he explains his intent to end the divide between humans and thinking machines—the two will co-exist. Duncan gives Synchrony to Sheeana for her Orthodox Sisterhood, while he returns with Murbella to help lead the new human-machine mode of life.

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Epilogue[ edit ] On Qelso, the gholas of Stilgar and Liet-Kynes continue to aid in the attempt to hold back the expanding desert, while simultaneously teaching the planet's occupants how to adapt to the changes that will inevitably come.

Under Duncan's control, a thinking machine convoy lands on the planet; Duncan offers the gholas the aid of the thinking machines in holding back the desert. He tells Stilgar and Kynes that just as he has become both man and machine, Qelso will become both desert and forest. Having removed all traces of the Baron's occupancy, the two discuss how they will go forward with their lives.

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Accompanying them is the unawakened ten-year-old ghola of Leto I. Looking forward to the time when his memories will be restored, Lady Jessica finds solace in the fact that she will be reunited with her Duke. With the aid of the Tleilaxu Master Scytale, Sheeana and the Orthodox Sisterhood on Synchrony have reestablished the ancient Bene Gesserit breeding program , resolving to never again breed another Kwisatz Haderach. Along with gholas of the Tleilaxu Masters, Scytale has grown Tleilaxu females from newly discovered cells, vowing that they will never again be forced into becoming axlotl tanks, in the hopes that this will prevent the creation of a vengeful enemy such as the Honored Matres from ever occurring again, and also vowing to never again allow the Masters to corrupt the recovering Tleilaxu people.

On the recovering planet Dune, the awakened gholas of Paul and Chani go about restoring the planet to its former glory. Now that Paul is able to devote all of his attention to her, Chani remarks that he has finally learned how to treat his wife. As the novel closes, Paul reaffirms his love for Chani, telling her he has loved her for over 5, years.

Critical reception[ edit ] The novel was commercially successful, and praised by Jackie Cassada of the Library Journal : "Complex in structure though never hard to follow, this sequel to Hunters of Dune ties together the threads left by Chapterhouse: Dune, bringing closure to a saga of planetary birth and death and human courage and hubris.

At the same time, the authors have left room for further explorations of one of the genre's most enduring worlds.

Highly recommended for all SF collections. Everyone else is too busy reacting to mostly irrelevant subplots like sabotage aboard the no-ship Ithaca, a plague devastating the planet of Chapterhouse and the genetic engineering of marine-dwelling sandworms. The lengthy climax relies on at least four consecutive deus ex machina bailouts Series fans will argue the novel's merits for years; others will be underwhelmed. Publishers Weekly. Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved February 6, The new prequels December 16, Archived from the original on October 12, Retrieved October 12, Frank Herbert wrote a detailed outline for Dune 7 and he left extensive Dune 7 notes, as well as stored boxes of his descriptions, epigraphs, chapters, character backgrounds, historical notes—over a thousand pages worth.

Archived from the original on September 21, Retrieved March 31, I got a call from an estate attorney who asked me what I wanted to do with two safety deposit boxes of my dad's So I went up in my attic and found another 1, pages of working notes.Desperate to replenish their supplies, the Ithaca lands on the planet Qelso, a world slowly being terraformed into a desert planet by the introduction of sandworms years before by the Bene Gesserit.

Brian Herbert Kevin J. Sheanna and her companions barely escape with their lives. Erasmus kills Khrone and his party—and then all enhanced Face Dancers across the universe—with the simple flip of a mental switch. The no-ship is nearly caught in their tachyon net , but escapes using the space-folding Holtzman engines.

Anderson, who's horrendous writing style, apparent in every one of his " books, half of them bestsellers, selling over 20 million, etc" in his own words, is smeared and slapped on every page of these awful, awful books.

Dewey Decimal. As Sandworms of Dune begins, the passengers of the no-ship Ithaca continue their nearly two-decade search for a new home world for the Bene Gesserit , while Duncan Idaho evades the tachyon net of the old couple Daniel and Marty , now known to be thinking machine leaders Omnius and Erasmus.

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