The final book in the fashion-tastic and hilarious new trilogy from the queen of teen fiction. Emerson Watts is on the run: from school, from her family and from. Read "Airhead Book 3: Runaway An Airhead Novel" by Meg Cabot available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Where can. Runaway MEG CABOT FOR BENJAMIN Table of Contents Title Page Dedication One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up–In this final volume in the trilogy, Em # in Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction eBooks; # in Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction; # in Teen & Young Adult. Title: (ebook) Runaway: Airhead 3; Author: Meg Cabot; Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK; ISBN: ; Languages: English. Where can you hide when everyone knows your name? The third and final book the New York Times bestselling trilogy. Emerson Watts is on the run: from.

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When will my order arrive? The Estimate Delivery Date is when your order is expected to arrive at your chosen delivery location. Once you have submitted your order you will receive confirmation and status update emails.

If you order multiple items and they are not all in stock, we will advise you of their anticipated arrival times. For items not readily available, we'll provide ongoing estimated ship and delivery time frames. Once your order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped status email. The characters. Emerson Watts. Suze, was a fighter in boots with spikes, and axes in her bags. Christopher stated that Em was too loose, even after Nikki tried to brained her every moment they met.

Don't ever try to mess with Emerson Watts's brain. Christopher Maloney. Jesse was totally blown up. I could understand why he was mad at Em, he was just trying to help her but Em was always been too reckless and independent to ask for his help. Brandon Stark.

I was thinking that Stark Enterprise was going to fall. Nikki Howard. I didn't like her. Frida Watts. Felix and Frida. Lulu Collins. Stephen Howard. I really wanted a brother like him, though Em wasn't his real sister, he treated Em even better that his real one.

I understand that much. Gabriel Luna. Robert Stark. I didn't understand why he had such an idiotic son. The story whoa, so much to tell! I thought that was too much. I could roll my eyes back and forth when Em and Christoper arguing over and over again. I thought they were too hot-headed to be together, but maybe that was just because they were being pushed to the edge. I mean, they were bestfriends back then, and they were fine. I hoped Abandon would be as good as this series. Apr 16, Rambling Reviews rated it did not like it.

Meg Cabot is, for me, a guilty pleasure. Pure chick-lit escapism, I read her books when I really just don't want to have to think much. So I'm not against her books in general. I just really did NOT enjoy this series. I just couldn't stand the constant references to actually being dead. Like, 'Oh I could totally go and do that. If I wasn't dead already, that is. Along with the constant referencing to events that had just happened, it got exasperating, then old, then I just didn't want to read the book any more and to be perfectly honest, I pretty much skipped through the last half of this book.

To like a book it's kind of essential you like the main characters. And apart from Lulu who was only occasionally annoying there really weren't any I sympathised with, cared about, or enjoyed reading. Most of them just seemed confused and did things without any reason or explanation My main problem was with Em.

She was unintelligent, poorly spoken, selfish and irritating for a supposedly smart person. She whinged and whined and only occasionally actually kicked butt - verbally or physically. She treated Christopher terribly, although he wasn't much better, they both acted like a pair of five year olds , she treated her family terribly, and on the whole made me slap some sense into her. I generally feel, with Meg Cabot characters, that if I met them in real life, I'd be friends with them.

May 21, Fashiongirlgoldberg added it. I really want to read this book! I also want to be the first to review it, so here it is. Runaway is the third book in the airhead series.

Airhead Series

I still haven't read the second yet unfortunately, but I heard it was better then the first book which I enjoyed. Now if this is better then the second book, which was better then the first, then I'll probably rate it four stars. Hence my rating: D So anyway I was wondering, in the second book does she tell Christopher or does he figure out that she's really I really want to read this book!

D So anyway I was wondering, in the second book does she tell Christopher or does he figure out that she's really Emerson Watts which I think is a way better name then Nikki Howard? Well OK that's that. My review of a book which sadly enough I have not read yet and doesn't come out for a year.

The end. View all 15 comments. Dec 29, Kayla rated it really liked it. Spoiler Warning! Do not read unless you have read the previous Airhead novels. All so she can keep the real Nikki Howard safe.

Emerson was forced into Spoiler Warning! Nikki was murdered by Robert Stark to keep her quiet because she was trying to blackmail him. But the real Nikki Howard is alive and kicking in a new body. Now Emerson must get Nikki to share the secret worth being killed over.

With the help of her sister and Lulu Em gains the upper hand.

And soon enough, with the help of Christopher and his cousin Felix, Em has a lead on the secret that got Nikki killed well kind of killed. Now they need to fit the pieces together and expose Robert Stark. Runaway is filled with action, suspense and some all around hilarious dialog. All around Runaway leaves you with a happy ending for all. But at the same time, leaves you wanting one more book or even mini book of life after controversy for Em and Nikki.

Book Rating 8. View all 4 comments. Dec 31, Steph Su rated it liked it. Everything you love about Meg Cabot is here—the voice, the boys, the romance, the misunderstandings—and the ending is clever without being seeming overly plotted, shocking yet unforced.

As this is the last of a trilogy, I have to say that the ending was good, if not, perhaps, worth getting through two books of mostly drivel to get to this point. Unfortunately, I read this book before I read the second book of this series - "Being Nikki".

I finished "Airhead" and was dying to read "Being Nikki" and "Runaway", but the person who borrowed "Being Nikki" has not returned it yet, so I borrowed "Runaway". To my dismay, I couldn't help myself from taking a peek at this book, and then obviously not being able to tear myself from it. I only stopped once I reached the end, and unfortunately, it was a loose ending, but it was also very sweet. This book was a little confusing since I haven't read "Being Nikki" yet, but I did understand it a bit more when I did the worst thing ever, go on wikipedia and read the entire plot summary.

I then knew exactly what would happen, but I will definitely still read the book. This is only a trilogy, so there's only three books. But of course if Meg Cabot miraculously decides to extend the trilogy to a ten book series, I would jump at a chance to get my hands on those book! View all 3 comments. Jun 25, Parvathy rated it liked it Recommends it for: It's official I can't give more than three star rating to this series but I have got to say this series gets more interesting with each book.

The story is fast paced and the characters less annoying although I can't say the same for Christopher because he is by far one of the most annoying characters that I h It's official I can't give more than three star rating to this series but I have got to say this series gets more interesting with each book. The story is fast paced and the characters less annoying although I can't say the same for Christopher because he is by far one of the most annoying characters that I have ever encountered and sorry to say he still holds the title.

I was very impressed with how all the loose ends were tied together to give a satisfactory finish. Although towards the middle you kind of get what the story leads to before the characters in the story and it all becomes predictable after that but still you never once feel like putting down the book. I still maintain my view that the main protagonist is hypocritical and her hypocrisy is more illustrated in this book.

Nevertheless I think this book is worth a one time read. Sep 27, Cyndi rated it really liked it. The story kicks up in this book. There are planned murders, blackmail, and romance.

Just as our heroine learns the ins and outs to her new life, things shift again. Great story with wonderful characters. Obrigada, Ana Carolina. Airhead is really fun. I love how it has this dark premise with brain transplants and an evil MNC but tonally it's Meg Cabot. The strength of the series is how readable and enjoyable it is, but its weakness is its mixed messages.

Thematically Airhead is about the destructive power of MNC's on America and the environment, but the main company Cabot uses as the antithesis to cheap mass-produced goods is Like, yes, a Macbook Air is in a different price bracket than a Stark Quark, but bo Airhead is really fun.

Like, yes, a Macbook Air is in a different price bracket than a Stark Quark, but both are still Fortune companies relying on cheap overseas labour before selling goods for vastly inflated values?

Putting on lipstick is Still Not Feminism. I think the message Cabot was going for was "looks don't matter", but it ended up being somewhere in the valley of "it's important to do whatever you can to your vile ugly face to make it respectable enough to show in public!

Had no redeeming qualities? He spends the whole book acting like Em owes him something when she owes him nothing.

I at least expected him to have to apologise for his appalling behaviour before the inevitable ending, but apparently not. What a dick. Em could do so much better than him oh my god. But I mean, listen: I really, really, genuinely did enjoy this read. Like, I've read the Princess Diaries 10 at least twice now, and I'm going to read it again this year, because I genuinely love it, but through my love I can recognise that the moral of that book kind of ended up as "you should just sleep with your teenage boyfriend when he wants".

So in summary: Airhead was fun but don't look too closely. Feb 16, Nat rated it it was amazing. I wish I would have known it was from a trilogy, because when I started reading it, I was very confused. I felt like I could not follow the plot very well, so I was unsure how I felt about the book at first.

It turned out to be much more interesting in the end; maybe because I could understand it better or maybe because the plot picked up. The main plot of the story centered on her escape, which proved to be more difficult than she thought it would be. She made her way to New York City but did not find much peace there because she was living inside of a famous supermodel's body.

The book discusses a lot of social issues that women face about being thin and beautiful. At one point in the book, Em says, "Am I pretty? Even in the body of a supermodel, she is still questioning her beauty. This leads to the question of how people develop values and beliefs. In our society, so much of what we think about ourselves comes from the opinions of others. I think this is especially true for young girls who are told from a very young age that we are supposed to be skinny if we want to be beautiful.

Beauty is much deeper than the surface for women. Women have to take on a lot of pressure and even if the world thinks we are beautiful, we are still very hard on ourselves. The fact that the character is still questioning her beauty shows how much impact others in society can have on a person. That is why it is very important for us to have someone in our lives that can teach us positive values and beliefs.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the modeling world. I think young women around the age of 14 to 18 would be the most interested in this book because the material is very relatable to that age group. It talks a lot about the social issues that young women have to go through and the pressures of what it means in our society to be beautiful.

For any girl who is struggling with her identity or struggling with issues related to her weight, this would be an excellent book to read. Nov 13, Linda rated it it was amazing.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Runaway is third and last book of the Airhead series by Meg Cabot. This series was about how Emerson Watts, a normal teenage girl, who got killed in a tragic accident. When she died, Nikki Howards, a supermodel, also dies in the same room, at the same time.

When Emerson dies, they had to perform a surgery that put her brain into Nikki's body. It was the only way that Em could survive. Nikki was considered braindead already. In Runaway, Em has to worry about Robert Stark, the man who killed her, not killing the important people in her life. She has to worry about that because he might them if he tells the whole world about his secret. His secret is that he has been killing and performing the brain surgery for years.

The surgery is actually illegal and the whole world doesn't know what he is doing. When he performs these surgeries, he murders innocent people so they become his "donors".

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

It was an amazing book. You don't get that in many books, do you? But in this one you do, and it'll probably keep you turning the page every second.

My favorite part of this book was seeing Em's relationship with everyone. I loved her relationship with Steven, her Nikki's older brother, but since she's Nikki, "her" older brother.

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I always wanted an older brother like him. In the book, he listens to Em and asks her if she needs him to beat someone up when he saw that she was sad.

He was the perfect older brother. I loved her relationship with Christopher too! In the book, he seems very stubborn but he's very romantic.

He "swoops" in and comes to rescue Em when she's stuck in a house with paparazzi everywhere. In the end of the book, he also gives her a bracelet that said "Em Watts" because he knew that she was still having a hard time being Nikki Howards. It was SOOO sweet. So in conclusion, this book was fabulous. Six out of five stars! Em's character became more annoying than the past two books. There was a lot of references to real life celebrities and TV shows which was a bit out of character seeing as Em used to diss them.

Em became this snarky and ditsy damsel in distress. The other characters weren't much better. Two Truths and a Lie. Amanda Hocking. On the Fence. Accidental Action Star. Accidental Rock Star. The Heart of Betrayal. The Beauty of Darkness.

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