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This brings me to the next point I'd like to make. Culturally, Egypt is extremely different from the Western countries, which have a history of being comparatively liberal.

Maybe execution for killing a man seems excessive to us, but to them, she is a woman. The lowest of the low, beaten, caged, and silenced. She's a prostitute. A whore.

She lives in a land of intolerance, one so patriarchal that a woman's word is worth half of a man's. She's essentially considered subhuman in her country, which is also one with a habit of almost unrestrained violence among the classes. If that sounds familiar, it should.

Racial oppression, social oppression, and sexual oppression are more than related. I approached this book with hopefully an open mind, but truthfully, I would never have even considered reading such a slim book if my mom hadn't first picked it up and asked me, "Why would your cousin"--male--"have to read a woman's book? It's completely inappropriate. I asked her if she thought it was inappropriate for me to read books written by men about men i.

She couldn't give me an answer. So, in all honesty, I approached this book with a feminist point of view and I was sucked in. It may seem a little unrealistic for Firdaus to have encountered so much suffering at the hands of men, but I know that it's more than possible. After all, statistics don't usually lie. No wonder she hated men by the end of her story.

Isu-isu sosial: Islam dan Kejawen Kesetaraan kaum hawa yang tidak merata Ketidaksukaan terhdapa lawan jenis No support or limitation in knowledge Terbatasnya pilhan kerja untuk mencari nafkah untuk menaikkan prestigesnya Perempuan susah mendapatkan hak yang setara dengan laki2 Agama as our mindset and cultural OS Praktik patriarki sebagai dasar kepemimpinan Konflik kasta dan tahta Main theme: Kesamaan apa saja anatara gagasan dalam konteks karya dengan pengalaman budayamu?

Apakah kesamaan itu menunjukkan sifat yang universal atau hanya berlaku pada konteks tertentu saja? Analogi Tulang Rusuk dan Wanita Memperlakukan wanita dengan halus untuk membawa mereka ke jalan yang lurus.

She meets one prisoner. Nawal is a psychiatrist who interviews women in prison.

Woman at Point Zero

Tokoh dan Penokohan Nawal El Saadawi. The author and narrator of the book.

The man who takes Firdaus in after her parents die. Firdaus is a young woman who flees her abusive husband and becomes a prostitute.


When Nawal El Saadawi meets Firdaus. She finally kills a man who forces her to accept him as her pimp. The doctor filled out an appeal for Firdaus to commute her sentence from death to life imprisonment.

A high-class prostitute who takes Firdaus in and turns her into a prostitute. The journalist and onetime client of Firdaus. A toddler. The Prison Doctor. This rejections causes the psychiatrist to have a crisis of self-confidence.

She became consumed with the idea that Firdaus was better than herself, and possibly better than even the president, whom she has refused to send an appeal to. As the psychiatrist is leaving the warder comes to her with an urgent message: Firdaus wants to speak to her. Upon meeting, Firdaus promptly tells her to close the window, sit down, and listen.

She explains that she is going to be executed that evening and she wants to tell her life story. Firdaus describes a poor childhood in a farming community. She recalls that she was confused by the disparity between her father's actions, such as beating her mother, and his dedication to the Islamic faith. Those days were relatively happy days, as she was sent out to the fields to work and tend the goats. She enjoys the friendship of a boy named Mohammadain, with whom she plays "bride and bridegroom", and describes her first encounters with clitoral stimulation.

One day Firdaus's mother sends for a woman with a knife, who mutilated her genitals.

From that point on Firdaus is assigned work in the home. Firdaus' uncle begins to take a sexual interest in her and she describes her new lack of clitoral sensitivity, noting, "He was doing to me what Mohammadain had done to me before.

In fact, he was doing even more, but I no longer felt the strong sensation of pleasure that radiated from an unknown and yet familiar part of my body.

It was as if I could not longer recall the exact spot from which it used to arise, or as though a part of me, of my being, was gone and would never return. Firdaus loves school. She maintains a close relationship with her uncle, who continues to take an interest in her sexually.

After Firdaus receives her primary school certificate a distance grows between uncle and niece, and her uncle marries and withdraws all affection and attention. Tensions between Firdaus and her aunt-in-law build until Firdaus is placed in boarding school, where Firdaus falls in love with a female teacher named Miss Iqbal, whom she feels a mutual connection to, but Iqbal keeps her at an arm's length and never allows her to get close.

Upon graduation, Firdaus' aunt convinces her uncle to arrange her marriage with Sheikh Mahmoud, a "virtuous man" who needs an obedient wife. Firdaus considers running away but ultimately submits to the marriage. Mahmoud repulses her—he is forty years older and has a sore on his chin that oozes pus. He stays home all day, micromanaging Firdaus' every action, and begins to physically abuse her.

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Firdaus runs away and wanders the streets aimlessly until she stops to rest at a coffee shop. The owner, Bayoumi, offers her tea and a place to stay until she finds a job. Firdaus accepts.By admin -. Firdaus says that she has been sentenced to death because they were afraid to let her live, for, "My life means their death.

It reveals the diseases of society and how people are so blind and unwilling to change because there is always someone below them and because there is always some irrational reason to keep them from changing. Saya percaya, keberanian bukan berarti saya harus menerobos rambu-rambu yang menjadi fitrah saya sebagai perempuan. After Firdaus receives her primary school certificate a distance grows between uncle and niece, and her uncle marries and withdraws all affection and attention.

She maintains a close relationship with her uncle, who continues to take an interest in her sexually. In three chapters, Firdaus' life story is framed by the author's own narrative, which develops from vaguely superior and curious to shoc I was surprised when I saw the rating for Woman at Point Zero. My death means their life.

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